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You’d think there would be more food in the coun­try, but some wildlife have be­come ex­perts at gath­er­ing up food and feast­ing in the city. It’s safe to say that the Eastern Grey Squir­rel is one of them. Dur­ing the warmer months, these squir­rels will munch on the buds of maple trees, maple and elm seeds and berries. In au­tumn, they’ll chow down on nuts and seeds like acorns, wal­nuts, pine seeds and beech­nuts. These small mam­mals can eat up to 130 grams of food in a sin­gle day!

What they don’t eat, they bury to make sure they’ve got a stash of good­ies to help them stay nice and plump through the winter. If you’ve ever won­dered how these squir­rels can re­mem­ber where they put all those nuts and seeds when the cold weather rolls around, the hon­est an­swer is — they don’t! They use their keen sense of smell to find their stash un­der all that snow.

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