Test your knowl­edge on how an­i­mals spruce them­selves up!


1.How many hours does a Sea Ot­ter spend groom­ing it­self ev­ery day? a) 2 – 3 hours b) 3 – 4 hours c) 4 – 5 hours d) 5 – 6 hours

2.True or False:

When birds groom them­selves, they also spread oil from the preen gland over the top layer of feath­ers, which helps to keep them dry.

3.When a bird re­moves dirt and dust from its feath­ers with its beak, it is: a) Preen­ing b) Scratch­ing c) Groom­ing d) Peck­ing

4.True or False:

Flies clean them­selves by rub­bing their legs to­gether, and by run­ning them over their body, wings, and head.

5.True or False:

Beavers must groom them­selves daily to keep their fur wa­ter­proof.

6.Fish do not groom them­selves. In­stead, they en­list the help of fish and shrimp known as: a) Scrub­bers b) Wash­ers c) Clean­ers d) Helpers

7.True or False:

In the winter, Po­lar Bears will roll in the snow to clean their fur.

8.True or False:

But­ter­flies do not groom them­selves.

9.Grasshop­pers clean them­selves us­ing their: a) An­ten­nae b) Legs c) Wings d) Mandibles

10.True or False:

Deer groom them­selves by lick­ing their fur with their tongue.

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