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Bur­row­ing Owl 101

To pro­tect them­selves from predators, Bur­row­ing Owls make a noise that sounds just like a rat­tlesnake’s tail. Watch out!

Most Bur­row­ing Owls like to pick one mate for life. They’re pretty ro­man­tic birds, too — they’ll rub bills and preen each other, and males will even give gifts of food to fe­males.

Many owls hunt at night, but Bur­row­ing Owls are happy to hunt down a snack at any time of day.

Their favourite food? Ground in­sects like grasshop­pers and bee­tles, but they’ll also eat toads, frogs, small birds and snakes.

These grass­land birds are happy to make their nests in bur­rows that used to be­long to small an­i­mals like ground squir­rels, badgers and prairie dogs.

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