Moose & Weasel’s PALS

Wild - - INSIDE WILD - By Beth Cleave Grade 4, Sag­i­naw Pub­lic School, Cam­bridge, Ont.

Sci­en­tific name

Tyto alba


Barn Owls pre­fer wide-open spa­ces like agri­cul­tural lands. They rely on barns and aban­doned build­ings to nest. Pairs use the same nest year af­ter year.


Barn Owls have white, heart-shaped fa­cial discs, long, curved bills and small, dark eyes. Fe­male Barn Owls are 34 to 40 cen­time­tres long, while males are smaller, at 32 to 38 cm long. Their wingspan is be­tween 107 and 110 cm wide.


The Barn Owl has long talons that help it catch prey such as mice or voles in the long grass.

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