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— Hil­son Av­enue Pub­lic School, Ot­tawa — Grade 6

Wild - - FEA­TURE STO­RIES - By Owen Fitzpatrick

This story is writ­ten by our favourite peo­ple in the world - you guys! Dive in and learn about the Wolver­ine, the North­ern Car­di­nal and more.

The At­lantic Wal­rus is a large an­i­mal with very long tusks that live mostly in cold wa­ters. At­lantic Wal­rus use their tusks for a lot of things. They plant their tusks into the ice and drag them­selves up to get out of the wa­ter. They use their tusks to fight other wal­ruses over fe­males. And they also use them as a de­fence against Po­lar Bears and Killer Whales.

The Wal­rus finds food by mess­ing up the dust on the seafloor with its long whiskers and its tusks. This takes off the top layer of dust, ex­pos­ing the clams and other small aquatic an­i­mals that bur­row into the sea floor. It then squeezes them out of their shells with its thick lips while hold­ing them in its flip­pers. It then swal­lows the flesh in­side it.

Wal­rus blub­ber is very thick, at 15 cen­time­tres thick, plus their skin is 10 cm thick. That’s how they can stay in wa­ter for sev­eral days at a time! How­ever, they have to lie in the sun all the time to soak up en­ergy into their skin so they have more power.

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