Wild - - DID YOU KNOW... - By Amelia Singh — Hil­son Av­enue Pub­lic School, Ot­tawa — Grade 6

Cougars, also known as Pu­mas and Moun­tain Lions, are the largest cats that can purr. Cougars do not roar like a Lion. In­stead, they scream or purr like a house cat. Cougars also have sim­i­lar bod­iesto house cats; they both have slen­der bod­ies, round­heads and pointed ears. But of course, Cougars are big­ger.

Un­like adults, Cougar kit­tens have spots all over their tawny brown fur to help them cam­ou­flage (blend in with their sur­round­ings). When the kit­tens are first born, their mother licks them to clean them. At two weeks old, they open their eyes and be­gin to walk. They even­tu­ally will nap less and start to play fight with their si­b­lings. Play­ing with each other helps them de­velop the mus­cles nec­es­sary for hunt­ing.

In the wild, Cougars will mostly hunt large and small mam­mals such as Deer, Moose, Coy­otes and Ground Squir­rels. Cougars will even oc­ca­sion­ally at­tack a Por­cu­pine. Sci­en­tists who study Cougars some­times see them with quills stuck in their muz­zles, shoul­ders and paws. Ouch!

Cougars can run fast but only for short dis­tances. There­fore, Cougars rely on stealth for hunt­ing. Once a Cougar ob­tains its prey, it will drag it to a place where they are hid­den to avoid hav­ing Bears and Wolves steal their food. A Cougar will some­times drag a heavy Moose half the length of a foot­ball field!

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