Meet Taj from B.C.

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1. What is your favourite Cana­dian an­i­mal? An ea­gle be­cause they are good at fly­ing.

2. What do you love to do out­side? I love to go moun­tain bik­ing with my dad.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? A marine bi­ol­o­gist be­cause I love exploring the ocean and dis­cov­er­ing new life.

4. What is the coolest plant you’ve seen? A cac­tus in Mex­ico, when we went to the Baja.

5. What do you LOVE about Canada? That we have so many forests.

6. If you could spend the day as any an­i­mal, what would you choose? A gecko be­cause they can climb on the ceil­ing.

7. What is the best out­door game to play? Freeze tag.

8. What an­i­mal skill do you wish you had? I wish I could climb like a spi­der mon­key.

9. What is your favourite sea­son? The fall, be­cause I like go­ing on hikes to check out all the colour­ful leaves.

10. If you could save any an­i­mal which would you pick? The panda bear be­cause it is en­dan­gered.

Golden ea­gle

A marine bi­ol­o­gist at work un­der­wa­ter

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