Do you wel­come new peo­ple into your cir­cle of friends or are youa lit­tle lonely? Are you a picky eater or will you eat pretty much any­thing put in front of you? Your an­swer might tell you more than you'd think.


1. If you could strut the red car­pet, what would you wear?

A. I’m pretty tra­di­tional, so I’d prob­a­bly go with a black and white tuxedo.

B. It’s all about the ac­ces­sories! I’d go for a cool neck­lace or maybe a tiara!

C. I would show up in head to toe white.

D. I’d love to wear some­thing ad­ven­tur­ous. You know? Some­thing with big pat­terns or with a neat shape.

2. How do you get along with oth­ers?

A. I’ve got a big group of friends that I’m close to, but we’re picky about who joins our group.

B. I’m a so­cial but­ter­fly! My friends and I talk each other’s ears off.

C. I might not have a lot of friends, but I do have a few close friends who mean a lot to me.

D. I def­i­nitely love my friends, but I’ve lost quite a lot of them. I’m pretty lonely.

3. How’s your ap­petite?

A. I’m not picky.

B. Well it de­pends. I’m some­one who will chow down at cer­tain times but then won’t feel hun­gry at oth­ers.

C. I eat to live. I’m not some­one who’s go­ing to take pretty pic­tures of my meals, that’s for sure.

D. I’ll eat any­thing I can get in my mouth – so long as I don’t have to chew it!

4. If you could go on va­ca­tion right now, where would you go?

A. So long as it’s not too hot, I’m pretty happy. I don’t do well in hot wa­ters.

B. I’d def­i­nitely choose some­where up North. The colder the bet­ter, if you ask me!

C. I’d pre­fer a cold lo­ca­tion, but what mat­ters most to me is that the va­ca­tion spot is clean and quiet.

D. I’d pick some­where close to the beach!

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