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The Nar­whal is known as the unicorn of

the sea be­cause of its gi­nor­mous tusk (which is ac­tu­ally a tooth, be­lieve it or not!). The tusk alone can be up to three me­tres long and can weigh 10 kilo­grams. That’s one heavy tooth! Although Nar­whals are found in the icy cold wa­ters of the Arc­tic, you won’t find them break­ing the sea ice with this tusk. Re­searchers are still try­ing to fig­ure out what they use it for! These so­cial but­ter­flies have pods with be­tween 15 and 20 Nar­whals in the mix. They spend their days chat­ting to each other with whis­tles, squeaks and other noises they’re able to make through their blow­holes. They also chow down to­gether — although if you met one in the spring or sum­mer, you might find that they don’t want to eat much at all. They re­ally wait for fall and win­ter to feast on hal­ibut, squid and shrimp.

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