Wild - - HOW TO DRAW A MARTEN - By Paul Robert


Us­ing a pen­cil, lightly draw the ba­sic shapes that make up a marten — head, neck, body, legs and tail. Also draw a curved shape that will be a big dead moss-cov­ered branch.


Re­fine your lines and shapes and add a few de­tails — the ear, nose and eye. On the branch, pen­cil in some fluffy moss and some lines for the bark.


Erase any pen­cil lines you think you don't need and then, us­ing a fine tipped marker, draw the fi­nal lines over the pen­cil lines. Do what feels right to your eye. I made the tail lines a lit­tle jagged be­cause the tail is pretty fuzzy.


Make sure the ink has dried and then erase the pen­cil lines. Add a bit of de­tail in the line work — some lines here and there for the ear, nose and mouth, fur and whiskers, and some spots in the moss and on the bark.


Block in the main colours of your draw­ing — the body, moss, branch and back­ground. Use light colours be­cause as you progress you will layer darker colours on top of them.


Add a darker shade on the marten, the moss and the branch, keep­ing in mind the tex­ture of these parts. No­tice how colour­ing lines are dif­fer­ent for each part.


Add more darker shades for more vol­ume. Keep in mind where the light is com­ing from. It's look­ing good!


Lastly, a bit of shad­ing in the back­ground — draw a rough shape that looks like a bush. Don't worry about lighter parts show­ing through, it will ac­tu­ally look bet­ter! Fi­nally add a few ex­tra dark lines and spots on the marten and bark.

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