The Mighty Muskox


Male Muskox love a good fight dur­ing mat­ing sea­son so much that they’ll chal­lenge other males to a duel by mak­ing a deep call that sounds a lot like a roar. If an­other male is up for the chal­lenge, the two males will walk slowly to­wards each other. Then they’ll back away, mov­ing their heads from side to side and then … just like that … they’ll charge! Luck­ily, when their horns crash into each other, it doesn’t hurt too much be­cause they’re so thick. Th­ese horns are 10 cen­time­tres thick to pro­tect their fore­heads and also curve down­wards on ei­ther side of their faces. If they’re up for it, the males will keep wrestling for a while. Af­ter all, the stakes are pretty high. The winner will be­come the dom­i­nant male in a herd!a

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