Our fresh­wa­ter tur­tles come in a va­ri­ety of shapes, colours and sizes! Try to match each pic­ture show­ing a Cana­dian na­tive species with its de­scrip­tion and name!


1. I’m a dark green tur­tle with a high, round shell and two white stripes on each side of my face. Be­cause I make a foul-smelling liq­uid to pro­tect my­self, my other name is Stinkpot! 2. Like my name says, I am black with lots of bright yel­low spots. Even if I mostly live in the water, I spend some time wan­der­ing on land in the spring. 3. I look pre­his­toric, with my large body, and long neck and spiked tail! Un­like other fresh­wa­ter tur­tles, I can’t to­tally with­draw into my shell. 4. I have a dark face but bright orange or yel­low legs. I spend the most time on land than all Cana­dian tur­tles, spend­ing the whole sum­mer in the woods. 5. I have coloured red and yel­low stripes on my neck, face and legs, and red spots around the edge of my dark cara­pace. I’m the only tur­tle found from coast to coast in Canada. 6. My flat, soft shell is olive coloured with black spots and makes me easy to rec­og­nize. I like to bury my­self in mud while us­ing my long nose like a snorkel! 7. You can rec­og­nize me by my bright yel­low chin and throat and my “smile”! I’m one of the two fresh­wa­ter tur­tle species that can eat on land. 8. I have pretty yel­low or light brown pat­terns all over my body and shell. I like to bask in the sun on rocks and logs. But if I’m star­tled, I’ll quickly plunge in the water!

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