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Greater Sage Grouse 101

Greater Sage Grouse need sage­brush to sur­vive. They use this shrub to hide away from preda­tors, make their nests and for food too! Ev­ery spring, males meet up to strut their stuff in a com­pe­ti­tion to win the hearts of fe­males. The clear­ings they re­turn to year af­ter year are called lekking grounds. Males woo fe­males with a cool dance; they puff them­selves up—their chests fill with air—and then they strut around. These birds can eat so much sage­brush over the win­ter that by the time spring ar­rives, they’ve put on a few pounds! Al­though the Greater Sage Grouse can fly in­cred­i­bly fast, at up to 80 kilo­me­tres per hour, it usu­ally trav­els by foot.

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