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Meet Aria from Al­berta

Com­ing to us from Ma­grath, Al­berta, Aria shares what she gets up to in her own back­yard and her favourite out­door game to play! Don’t for­get to send in your an­swers if you want a chance to see won­der­ful you in an up­com­ing is­sue of WILD magazine.

1. What is your favourite Cana­dian an­i­mal?

My favourite Cana­dian an­i­mal is a Po­lar Bear.

2. What do you love to do out­side?

I love to go camp­ing and ca­noe­ing in the pond be­hind my house.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A zo­ol­o­gist.

4. What is the coolest plant you’ve ever seen?

A cac­tus.

5. What do you LOVE about Canada?

That it is al­ways peace­ful.

6. If you could spend the day as any an­i­mal, what would you choose?

A cougar be­cause it is stealthy and smart and it can climb high and jump far.

7. What is the best out­door game to play?

Grounders. It’s like hide­and-seek tag on a play­ground.

8. What an­i­mal skill do you wish you had?

Climb trees like a cat or be able to smell like a wolf.

9. What is your favourite sea­son?

Spring be­cause that is when ev­ery­thing wakes up and new baby an­i­mals are born.

10. If you could save any an­i­mal which would you pick?

Whoop­ing Crane.

Whoop­ing Crane Cougar

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