Star-nosed Mole


We bet you’ve never seen a nose quite like a Star-nosed Mole’s snout. It looks like a star with 22 pink ten­ta­cles, called rays. One of the ways it uses these rays is to find its way around. You see, this mole lives un­der­ground in tun­nels and bur­rows and the rays help them get around in the dark. Plus, these rays are su­per sen­si­tive — they’ve got about 100,000 nerve end­ings. If you com­pare that to your hand, which has about 17,000 nerve end­ings, you can re­ally see just how sen­si­tive the Star-nosed Mole’s nose re­ally is! They also use these rays to smell un­der­wa­ter. They’ll blow air bub­bles un­der wa­ter at ob­jects around them. Then they’ll quickly suck all those air bub­bles back in to find out what those ob­jects are — and if they’re good enough to eat.

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