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1. c)

Sharks have the most amaz­ing sense of smell. They breathe en­tirely with their gills, so their nose is used only for smell. They’re able to sniff out prey with just a few drops of blood in a pool of wa­ter the size of an Olympic swim­ming pool!

2. d)

Re­searchers tracked Po­lar Bears for 64 kilo­me­tres as the bears walked in a straight line all the way to a group of seals. They sniffed them out from that great dis­tance away!

3. d)

Snakes might have nos­trils but they don’t use them for smelling. They smell with their tongues! They will stick their tongue out and flick it around to sniff out their sur­round­ings.

4. True.

While fly­ing through the air, an al­ba­tross will change di­rec­tion quickly if it smells its prey.

5. False.

Rab­bits ac­tu­ally use their noses to sniff out food un­der­ground. Have you ever seen a rab­bit twitch­ing its nose up and down? It’s smelling!

6. b)

Foxes mark their ter­ri­tory with scent to let oth­ers know which ar­eas are theirs. It smells a bit like cat pee. Eww.

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