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Take ev­ery­thing off! I’m not jok­ing about this: Less is more, in every sense.

Pick a part — a leg, an arm, a waist. That’s what you show, you don’t have to show it all. And a hint of boob, whether it be side, top or cleav­age — you don’t have to show all three.

When you look at your­self in the mir­ror, stand as if peo­ple are ac­tu­ally go­ing to see you, not like you’re pos­ing for pic­tures — be­cause there are al­ways pic­tures when you’re not pos­ing. Those are the re­al­i­ties.

Be com­fort­able, be­cause it’s only go­ing to get worse. Your shoes are never go­ing to feel bet­ter; you’re not go­ing to sud­denly re­lax into them. Your too-tight dress is not go­ing to sud­denly give. If some­thing’s itchy or scratchy, you don’t need to be think­ing about that all night.

Know your body. You don’t have to fol­low the trends; fol­low what’s right for you.

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