Take it Yeezy, Kanye

Winnipeg Free Press - Section E - - ARTS & LIFE - By Leanne Italie

NEW YORK — Kanye West skipped the red car­pet at a footwear in­dus­try event where his Adi­das Yeezy Boost was hon­oured as shoe of the year. In­stead, he stood just feet away from wait­ing me­dia, sip­ping a drink and chat­ting be­fore he slipped into the cer­e­mony crowd nearby.

When it came time to col­lect his statue Wed­nes­day night at the Footwear News Achieve­ment Awards, he gave a ram­bling, 20-minute speech that was good as gold. Some high­lights: “I com­pletely, you know, have ab­so­lutely no plans for what I’m go­ing to say. This could land com­pletely wrong, but it doesn’t really (bleep­ing) mat­ter, does it? ... You can go to the bath­room.”

“Ba­si­cally as I talk, it’s just a mood board. That’s my new style of speeches. It’s very un­ortho­dox. It’s vibes, you know. You guys are de­sign­ers. You know how to put it all to­gether at the end of the night. Or you feel free to just talk (bleep). It’s good to have some­one to talk (bleep) about. Ev­ery­body’s so, like, I just don’t want peo­ple to talk (bleep) about me. I don’t give a (bleep), you know.”

“As a cre­ative, it doesn’t mat­ter how big the house is, how big your name is, how much money you have, your job is to cre­ate while you’re here, and if any­one is in the way of that, if any­thing gets in the way of that, if any­thing is stop­ping that or slow­ing it down, you’ve got to burn it to the (bleep­ing) ground. You have to die. This is me talk­ing to you. I’m not giv­ing you any sug­ges­tions. You have to die for what is in you be­cause that thing might in­spire some­one.”

“When I was at Fendi... we’d visit Stockholm, you know, on the week­ends. That was in my sin­gle days. It was fun... My ex­ile (af­ter cut­ting off Tay­lor Swift on stage) was pretty fun. You know, what does Kanye do when he pisses ev­ery white per­son off on the planet? He goes to Stockholm and dances with more white peo­ple!”

“I look at you guys and think, like, raise your hand if you got a pri­vate plane. Don’t be em­bar­rassed. There’s definitely some peo­ple with some pri­vate planes tonight.”

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