Ran­dom acts of kind­ness

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of pa­tience and per­se­ver­ance on their part. They went to great lengths, string­ing up spe­cial tasty ba­con strips and cam­eras. Af­ter 1½ days of pa­tiently wait­ing and mon­i­tor­ing the cage, the dog was suc­cess­fully res­cued.

I want to give a big ex­pres­sion of praise and thanks to Rhonda, Christie and Barb, all vol­un­teers who put in a great deal of their own time to come to the aid of lost and aban­doned dogs. They should be rec­og­nized for their self­less devo­tion to this en­deav­our.

City work­ers helped fix flat

MANY thanks to two young women sur­vey­ing dis­eased Dutch elm trees in La Bar­riere Park on Fri­day, Dec. 4 for their as­sis­tance.

Upon re­turn­ing to my car af­ter cross-coun­try ski­ing in the park, I dis­cov­ered I had a flat tire. Al­though I can read­ily change a tire, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to undo the lug nuts.

A City of Win­nipeg truck was parked next to me, so I en­quired whether the two employees could give me a hand if needed. Both pitched in right away and vir­tu­ally took over the op­er­a­tion.

I don’t feel I prop­erly thanked th­ese folks at the time, so, a be­lated thank you for your kind as­sis­tance.

Bag’s re­turn a big re­lief

ON Nov. 18, I did some­thing I never thought I’d do: I left my purse in the ladies wash­room at Win­ners on Pem­bina High­way.

When I re­al­ized what I did, I im­me­di­ately made my way to­wards the back of the store. In do­ing so, I ran into the man­ager and told him what I had done. He ad­vised me a fe­male cus­tomer had turned a purse in at the fit­ting room desk. He said he hoped ev­ery­thing was still in there. I re­mem­ber making a com­ment to him about how there are still a lot of really good peo­ple in Win­nipeg.

When I opened my purse, ev­ery­thing was there. From the im­me­di­ate sick­ness that I felt upon los­ing it, to be­ing elated when re­al­iz­ing it was turned in, was so over­whelm­ing.

I don’t know who this lady was, but I have told so many peo­ple about the won­der­ful lady I didn’t get to meet that day. I can’t even imag­ine the amount of time it would have taken to can­cel and re­place the con­tents of my purse. If you don’t al­ready know — you really are a won­der­ful per­son. Thank you so very much.

Even ‘Su­per Se­nior’ needs help

and tried to go back the way I had al­ready come.

God, in his wis­dom, di­rected the chair to fol­low Bill’s sug­ges­tion. Like a run­away horse, it streaked for an un­sus­pect­ing tree. That tree gath­ered its roots in hand and dived out of the way to the ac­com­pa­ni­ment of my yells of “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Just shy of div­ing off the curb, the chair stopped. Bill, bless him, helped me up and over the curb to safety just as my shin­ing knight, Gerry, ar­rived in our char­iot.

Bill re­seated me in my char­iot, and I thanked them both be­fore once again charg­ing off to Park Manor. I’m sure I saw the two men shak­ing their heads in dis­be­lief as I sped off.

Thanks again to Bill, his wife, and my very lov­ing and pa­tient hus­band, Gerry. I al­ways enjoy read­ing Ran­dom acts of kind­ness TO set me free, my hus­band and I pur­chased a and find it very up­lift­ing. mo­bile chair from Re­li­able Mo­bil­ity, and in

The evening of Nov. 18, I was in our drive­way de­pen­dence leaped on my hori­zon. LATE in the af­ter­noon on Nov. 17, my hus­band when a large black dog came up be­hind me. He Win­ter snow ar­rived, and my hubby, Gerry, had an ap­point­ment at a clinic on Tache Av­enue. was off-leash, and when I turned around to look cau­tioned care. I love to vol­un­teer at Park Manor Park­ing is not the best at that time of day. at him, he ran away. It was dark, and I as­sumed Care on Re­donda Street in Transcona ev­ery There was only a nar­row spot left next to the he was headed home. Thurs­day morn­ing and was de­ter­mined a lit­tle park­ing me­ter.

Two days later, af­ter our first win­ter storm, I snow could not, would not, stop me. I was Su­per My hus­band couldn’t take a wide enough turn no­ticed him again in our back­yard. I was shocked Se­nior! to get into the space and got way too close to to think this poor dog was still out on his own in Well, Su­per Se­nior, armed with wheels, slipped the me­ter. A kind gen­tle­man took swift ac­tion, bit­terly cold, snowy weather. My hus­band went off the trod­den foot­path and was truly stuck. reached into the car and turned the steer­ing out to see if he could catch him, but the dog was Rock­ing back and forth like a berserk version of wheel all the way to the right. What a help that scaredan­dran­was.away.Aftersearch­ing­forhimthe“twist,”Iad­mit­ted­de­feat. that morn­ing, the dog could not be found. Very reluc­tantly, I pulled out that cursed While I was look­ing at the me­ter, an­other

Af­ter a few phone calls, I was put in touch with cell­phone to send a SOS to my very pa­tient hubby. gen­tle­man looked at the back of our car to get the Win­nipeg Lost Dog Alert. I am so im­pressed and Re­signed wist­fully, I watched cars whiz past. li­cence plate num­ber and punched it in. All I had thank­ful for their help, kind­ness and con­cern. Then, an­gel Bill ap­peared, shovel in hand. He to do was insert the money. Rhonda took the time to tell me how to make said he and his wife were en­joy­ing break­fast We are se­niors, and this kind of help makes us con­tact with the dog if I saw him again. She also when they saw my predica­ment through their glad to live in Win­nipeg. What a help th­ese men ex­plained how to set up a feed­ing sta­tion, which win­dow. Bill shov­elled the side­walk in front of were, and the car didn’t get one scratch. worked won­der­fully. Once we had the dog showthe chair and sug­gested I try to scoot over the Many thanks from two se­niors. ing up for feed­ings, Christie and Barb came out boule­vard onto Wid­lake Street. with a live trap to cap­ture it. It took a great deal I was ter­ri­fied I would take a spill off the curb

Pleased with park­ing as­sis­tance

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