Dry­wall-sand­ing at­tach­ment a sure bet to suck up the dust

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QUES­TION: Love your col­umn! I would like to know how to keep the dust down when I have a small area to sand on dry­wall? Thank you. Florence, Winnipeg

AN­SWER: The best way to re­duce dry­wall dust dur­ing a sand­ing project is to cover up as much fur­ni­ture, floor and wall as you can with plas­tic sheets and then se­cure a dry­wall sand­ing at­tach­ment to a shop vac­uum. The vac­uum sucks up much of the dust pre­vent­ing it from be­ing dis­trib­uted around your home. If you do not have ac­cess to a shop vac. you might con­sider damp­en­ing the area with a sponge be­fore sand­ing, how­ever this re­quires prac­tice and the re­sults are not as ap­peal­ing as dry sand­ing.

QUES­TION: How do you pre­vent waf­fle bat­ter from stick­ing to the in­side of the maker? My waf­fle maker is sup­posed to be non-stick. An­gela (Stonewall, MB)

AN­SWER: Some peo­ple find it handy to spray the waf­fle iron with non-stick cook­ing spray which works great to coat the iron. I per­son­ally do not own non-stick cook­ing spray and in­stead use a pas­try brush and brush the iron with but­ter be­fore adding bat­ter which also works well.

QUES­TION: I would like to know how to treat wa­ter stains on the in­te­rior ceil­ing of my car and on the sun vi­sors. Thanks. Jim and Sandy, Winnipeg

AN­SWER: Us­ing a few key house­hold in­gre­di­ents your car will look as good as new! Into an empty ice cream pail mix one cup white vine­gar, half tsp. dish soap and one quar­ter cup rub­bing al­co­hol. Fill the re­main­der of the bucket with warm wa­ter. Us­ing a light­coloured cloth, scrub the dirty ar­eas of the ve­hi­cle. No need to rinse.

QUES­TION: We left a half loaf of bread in a bag in our cup­board drawer for a few weeks while gone. When we came back we dis­posed of the bag of moldy bread, but we can­not get rid of the strong musty smell. I have tried: Air­ing it out­side, bleach, vine­gar, bak­ing soda, cof­fee grinds, news­pa­pers, kitty lit­ter and lastly char­coal with no re­sults. Do you have a rem­edy? It was in the bot­tom

drawer of a row of four draw­ers and all are af­fected. The cup­boards are of solid oak doors and ply­wood in­te­ri­ors. Hop­ing to hear from you soon. Doreen, Winnipeg

AN­SWER: Well you have cer­tainly done your home­work but the bat­tle re­mains be­cause the smell has pen­e­trated into the wood. Op­tion 1: Wipe the en­tire in­side of the cup­board draw­ers with Orange Wood Oil. Op­tion 2: Re­seal the wood.

QUES­TION: Do you know where I can bring my pen­nies? I have col­lected jars upon jars of pen­nies and for­got all about them un­til re­cently when I was clean­ing the base­ment for guests. Thanks. Wilma (Niverville, MB)

AN­SWER: If you don’t want your old pen­nies any­more here are a few op­tions of what to do with them. Do­nate them. Many non-profit or­ga­ni­za­tions would love to re­ceive do­na­tions, and pen­nies are still con­sid­ered Cana­dian cur­rency. So if you are think­ing of throw­ing your pen­nies out, call some of your fa­vorite char­i­ties and ask them if they would ap­pre­ci­ate a dona­tion of pen­nies. Or bring them into your lo­cal bank. Banks ask that pen­nies are ei­ther bagged with the to­tal amount en­closed on a pa­per in­side the bag. Or even bet­ter, roll the pen­nies. Pa­pers can be pur­chased at sev­eral dol­lar stores. The Power of Words! “A mil­lion dol­lars in pen­nies is still a mil­lion dol­lars.” An­to­nio Bryant The In­ter­na­tional Ham­burger Spice up reg­u­lar old ham­burg­ers by sea­son­ing them with flavours from around the world!

• Mex­i­canBurger: Topthe­burger with hot sauce, jalapeno pep­pers and chilies. Add gua­camole or salsa in­stead of ketchup.

• Asian Burger: When mix­ing the ham­burger use soy sauce, minced gin­ger and teriyaki sauce. Top with wasabi may­on­naise.

• Paris Burger: Add a lit­tle Di­jon mus­tard when mix­ing ham­burger meat. In­stead of ched­dar cheese, top the burger with blue cheese or goat cheese.

• Ital­ian Burger: When mix­ing meat, add mari­nara sauce in­stead of ketchup. Top the burger with fresh Parme­san cheese. Serve on Cia­batta bread in­stead of reg­u­lar ham­burger buns.

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