Clean up this spring with a steady stream of H20

Winnipeg Free Press - Section F - - HOMES - By Tom Moor

IF you en­joy clean­ing, then you’ll have a blast us­ing a pres­sure washer. Al­though you’ve prob­a­bly used a pres­sure washer to re­move stains from the side of your home or walk­way, you may not re­al­ize they of­fer far more uses than clean­ing sid­ing (al­though they’re great for that, too).

You can pres­sure wash all sorts of items around the house. So, pick a warm, sunny day and head out­side to tackle some over­due clean­ing projects.

1. Cars and trucks

Use a pres­sure washer to re­move dirt from a car or truck —es­pe­cially the wheel wells and un­der­car­riage — where dirt and grime tend to build up.

Just make sure not to use a high­pow­ered set­ting, or the car’s clear coat or paint might come off.

Mo­tor­cy­cles, RVs and most other types of mo­tor­ized ve­hi­cles can also be cleaned with pres­sure wash­ers.

2. Boats

Just like your ve­hi­cle, pres­sure wash­ers will also take the dirt and al­gae off the ex­te­rior of boats. Again, don’t use too high of a set­ting.

3. Out­door fur­ni­ture

Out­door fur­ni­ture gets ex­tremely dirty, es­pe­cially if you don’t store it away for the win­ter. Pres­sure wash­ing can make your out­door fur­ni­ture look like new again.

Just like your home, car and drive­way, decks and pa­tios take a beat­ing from Mother Na­ture, dirt and de­bris.

Pres­sure wash­ing a deck or pa­tio can re­move dirt and grime and re­turn it to its orig­i­nal colour. You might be sur­prised what a dif­fer­ence it makes.

5. Fenc­ing

Fences — whether wooden, vinyl or alu­minum — can be cleaned with a pres­sure washer.

6. Garage door, floor and drive­way

Drive­ways and garage floors take a lash­ing from con­stant driv­ing, while oil and fluid leaks cause stain­ing. Use a pres­sure washer to eas­ily elim­i­nate th­ese mark­ings.

7. Grills

Grills get caked in grease and grime and can be ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to clean. Be­fore pres­sure wash­ing, make sure to de­tach any propane or elec­tri­cal hookups.

8. Lawn mower and lawn equip­ment

Lawn mow­ers and yard equip­ment get very dirty af­ter a full year of use. A pres­sure washer can re­move all of the dirt and grass and get them ready for spring or win­ter stor­age.

9. What’s in that tree?

Puz­zled how to get that foot­ball out of the tree? A pres­sure washer just might be the an­swer.


The Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI elec­tric pres­sure washer makes quick work of a grimy deck.


Karcher man­u­fac­tures a wide va­ri­ety of pres­sure wash­ers typ­i­cally priced and de­signed for res­i­den­tial use.

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