Nat­u­ral so­lu­tions to re­pel pesky spi­ders

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Ques­tion: Won­der­ing if you might have a so­lu­tion for spi­der webs cov­er­ing my screens? No mat­ter what I try, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Thanks, E.

An­swer: Spi­der webs are beau­ti­ful to look at, but not al­ways cre­ated in places that we would like. The big­gest fact to note is that webs are for catch­ing food, as long as you have spi­ders and a food source you will have webs. One op­tion is to pur­chase a web duster brush with an ex­pand­able han­dle, mak­ing it easy to run up and down screens to re­move webs daily.

There is a prod­uct called Cob Web Elim­i­na­tor (you can or­der it on­line). This prod­uct is said to be safe around food, 100 per cent nat­u­ral and pre­vents spi­ders from form­ing webs by “leav­ing a residue that con­tin­ues to damper a web’s ad­he­sive prop­er­ties.

Spi­ders do not like the smell of cit­rus or pep­per­mint, and us­ing strong es­sen­tial oils helps to re­duce the at­trac­tion.

Some peo­ple scat­ter chest­nuts around the perime­ter of their home; while the smell helps to re­pel spi­ders, rot­ting chest­nuts in­vites other pests to your home.

Spi­der re­pel­lent: in a spray bot­tle, com­bine five drops of laven­der es­sen­tial oil or tea tree oil and 1 oz. neem oil. Fill with wa­ter; spray around doors and screens. home­made pizza I al­ways brush olive oil onto the crust and bake the pizza on a hot stone pan in my oven. Note: Ev­ery user as­sumes all risks of in­jury or dam­age re­sult­ing from the im­ple­men­ta­tion of any sug­ges­tions in this col­umn. Test all prod­ucts on an in­con­spic­u­ous area first. I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them com­ing. Need a Pre­sen­ter on the topic: Ef­fec­tive Speak­ing or The Power of Words? Check out:

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