How to fit a round bed in a square room

Winnipeg Free Press - Section G - - HOMES - By Leanne Brownoff

DEAR Leanne: We bought a round bed for our teenage daugh­ter but are hav­ing prob­lems plac­ing it. We tried it in the cen­tre of the room, but that didn’t feel right and we couldn’t place all her fur­ni­ture back. Then we put it in a cor­ner, but since it doesn’t have a head­board, it felt as if it didn’t fit. The same thing hap­pened when we placed it against a wall. How do you make th­ese beds work in square rooms?

AN­SWER: Ah, the old ‘how to fit a round peg in a square hole’ dilemma. A bed without a head-or foot­board has good points as well as its chal­lenges.

On the one hand, you are free to ori­ent the bed in any di­rec­tion you choose. On the other hand, this am­bi­gu­ity can make the bed feel im­bal­anced un­less you cre­ate a pur­pose­ful place­ment for it.

Round beds are whim­si­cal. They are not ob­tained for their ‘prac­ti­cal func­tion­al­ity’ but rather their unique­ness. That idea is what you will need to con­tinue to make this room feel like the bed be­longs.

De­cide on a theme for the room. Does your daugh­ter want it flow­ing with a fairy-tale feel or the so­phis­ti­ca­tion of old Hol­ly­wood or a mod­ern-con­tem­po­rary feel? Each can be ac­com­plished, but a theme needs to be de­ter­mined to pro­ceed to the next step.

Plac­ing the bed in the cen­tre of the room is likely go­ing to be avoided; as you have noted, you can­not re­place the fur­ni­ture when it is in this con­fig­u­ra­tion. Func­tion­al­ity wins out here. Your re­main­ing op­tions are to place the bed in a cor­ner or against a wall.

Walk into the bed­room and eval­u­ate your op­tions. Place the bed as far from the en­trance as pos­si­ble — for in­stance, the ad­ja­cent cor­ner or the far­ther side wall. Avoid the need to walk di­rectly into the bed.

Of course, your op­tions will be also lim­ited by the ex­ist­ing closet, en­suite bath­room and win­dows. In a cor­ner ar­range­ment, de­velop the cor­ner to ac­com­mo­date the round­ness of the bed. This can be ac­com­plished with fab­ric and a ceil­ing-mounted, bend­able drap­ery track. By drap­ing fab­ric be­hind the bed you cre­ate a head­board ef­fect.

To cre­ate solid curved doors for such a unit is a lit­tle more of a chal­lenge, as this re­quires a lam­i­na­tion and steam process to cre­ate a solid curved door.

How­ever, at­tach­ing sev­eral solid sur­faces to­gether can also cre­ate an il­lu­sion of a curved sur­face.

The ad­van­tage to the hard unit is that you can use the cor­ner for stor­age.

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