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Su­per­steak does have a con­ven­tional tomato shape and colour, but what sep­a­rates it from the pack is its gar­gan­tuan size. Some gar­den­ers have man­aged to grow vine-bend­ing Su­per­steaks that weigh in at an as­tound­ing two kilo­grams! One slice will not only cover your burger, it just might cover your T-bone steak.

The best thing about grow­ing ex­tra­or­di­nary toma­toes is they don’t re­quire ex­tra­or­di­nary care. No mat­ter what the va­ri­ety, the same ba­sic rules ap­ply. Grow toma­toes in full sun (six hours or more of di­rect sun­light per day) to get the high­est yields and the most flavour­ful fruit. Toma­toes also en­joy rich soil and per­form best when well fed, but don’t ap­ply too much com­post or ma­nure be­cause ex­ces­sively ni­tro­gen-rich soils tend to in­crease leafy growth at the ex­pense of fruit pro­duc­tion. As well, be sure to keep your soil con­sis­tently moist, par­tic­u­larly when the toma­toes set fruit. Fluc­tu­at­ing soil mois­ture in­evitably leads to blos­somend rot (dark brown or black patches on fruit bot­toms). The larger the tomato, the greater the risk of blos­somend rot, so keep the wa­ter hose handy, es­pe­cially with va­ri­eties such as Su­per­steak.

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