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Winnipeg Free Press - Section G - - HOMES - By Ger­ald Filip­ski

REG­U­LAR read­ers of my col­umn will know I’m a fan of con­tainer gar­den­ing, which is highly suit­able for condo and apart­ment dwellers and of­fers both func­tion­al­ity and prac­ti­cal­ity.

It’s func­tional be­cause you can grow many plants in rel­a­tively few con­tain­ers. It’s prac­ti­cal be­cause of its ease to cre­ate, main­tain and dec­o­rate with the planted con­tain­ers.

A ques­tion I’m fre­quently asked is how to group con­tain­ers or what plants go with other plants. One of my favourite in­for­ma­tion sources for putting to­gether con­tain­ers is Proven Win­ners, a cre­ative com­pany whose plants are al­ways healthy.

Ev­ery spring I head off to en­joy a long look at the Proven Win­ners web­site — provenwin­ners. com — to view some new con­tainer ideas. In the past, we have looked at sev­eral of the Proven Win­ners for­mu­las for build­ing your own con­tain­ers, but we have never talked about hang­ing bas­kets. So listed be­low are my picks for some of Proven Win­ners’ best hang­ing bas­ket com­bi­na­tions.

I have cho­sen smaller pot sizes for these ex­am­ples be­cause I’m al­ways aware of space re­stric­tions for most bal­conies and decks. If you want a larger con­tainer ar­range­ment, ei­ther choose larger plants or dou­ble their num­ber.

I don’t know which nurs­eries or green­houses will be car­ry­ing the va­ri­eties de­scribed here. You may have to search for the plants, but be­lieve me they’re worth the ef­fort. Alysheba: This com­bi­na­tion gets a boost of colour from a Se­dona coleus. Sur­round­ing the coleus are pur­ple Os­teosper­mum, Vi­o­let Rose Neme­sia and yel­low Bi­dens. Pot size is 40 cen­time­tres (16 inches) and works well as a hang­ing bas­ket or in a win­dow box. Sunny ex­po­sure. For­mula: 1 So­prano Pur­ple Os­teosper­mum; 1 Color Blaze Se­dona Coleus; 1 Sa­fari Vi­o­let Rose Neme­sia; 2 So­laire Yel­low Bi­dens. Te­quila Bay: An­other great group­ing of flow­ers, cre­at­ing a very unique con­tainer. What I like most about the Proven Win­ners ideas are colour com­bi­na­tions that are out­side the box, but look fan­tas­tic. In this group­ing, or­angey-red and yel­low Cal­i­bra­choas are com­bined with blue pur­ple Neme­sia and melon-coloured Os­teosper­mum. Pot size is 30 cm (12 inches) and is de­signed as a hang­ing bas­ket, win­dow box or up­right con­tainer. Sunny ex­po­sure. For­mula: 1 Su­per­bells (Cal­i­bra­choa) Te­quila Sun­rise; 1 Neme­sia Blue­bird; 1 Os­teosper­mum Melon Sym­phony Taste of the Trop­ics: I also love the way Proven Win­ners names their cre­ations. Take a Taste of the Trop­ics. This com­bi­na­tion fea­tures bril­liant colours and is an­other per­sonal favourite. Pink Su­per­bells are planted with or­angey-red and yel­low Cal­i­bra­choas, yel­low straw flow­ers and bright-red Surfinia petu­nias. The col- our com­bi­na­tion is so strik­ing it will in­stantly be a con­ver­sa­tion piece on your bal­cony or deck. Only four plants make up this con­tainer com­bi­na­tion, mak­ing it a great cost-ef­fi­cient plant­ing as well. Pot size is 30 cen­time­tres (12 inches) and is meant as a hang­ing bas­ket. Sunny ex­po­sure. For­mula: 1 Su­per­bells (Cal­i­bra­choa) pink; 1 Su­per­bells (Cal­i­bra­choa) Te­quila Sun­rise; 1 Strawflower (Chrysocephalum) Flambe yel­low; 1 Surfinia Petu­nia Baby red. Spring Bas­ket An­other favourite. Oh, who am I try­ing to kid!? They are ALL my favourites, but this one is an­other eye-catcher. It com­bines le­mon yel­low Os­teosper­mum, red Su­per­tu­nia and dark blue Ver­be­nas. Pot size is 30 cm (12 inches) and is meant as a hang­ing bas­ket. Sunny ex­po­sure. For­mula: 3 Os­teosper­mum Le­mon Sym­pho­nys; 1 Su­per­tu­nia Red; 3 Su­per­bena (Ver­bena). Rio Grande I could not make such a list of fa- vourites with­out in­clud­ing one for those gar­den­ers with a shady deck or bal­cony. Rio Grande fits that bill very ad­e­quately. A com­bi­na­tion of Sky Blue Lo­belia, char­treuse creep­ing Jenny and Mid­night Blue Tore­nia makes for a stun­ning hang­ing bas­ket meant for the shade. While the colour scheme could be de­scribed as monochro­matic, it just works in the shade. It has a sense of cool­ness that will be wel­comed on those hot sum­mer days. Pot size 30 cm (12 inches). De­signed as a hang­ing bas­ket. For­mula: 3 La­guna Lo­belia Sky Blue; 3 Lysi­machia (Creep­ing Jenny) Goldilocks; 3 Catalina Tore­nia (Wish­bone Flower).

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