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CRE­AT­ING an in­ter­est­ing decor en­tails more than just the items that you put into the room. The back­drop can cre­ate just as much vis­ual drama. If you’re on a bud­get, cre­at­ing a dra­matic set­ting by treat­ing the walls in the room can make all of the dif­fer­ence in the world.

As an aside, I will be re­fer­ring to the two wall spa­ces as ‘top and bot­tom half’, but re­ally, the wall space should be bro­ken up into a bot­tom 1/3 and a top 2/3 to en­sure vis­ual bal­ance.

Di­vide the wall space

As you can see in this lovely Kohler bath­room, di­vid­ing the wall space can com­pletely change the look of a room. This treat­ment is par­tic­u­larly nice in a bath­room be­cause it vis­ually sep­a­rates out the func­tional half of the room. This al­lows you to fea­ture ei­ther the top or bot­tom of the walls depend­ing upon your needs.

For ex­am­ple, if your bath­room fix­tures are a lit­tle dated you can bring the fo­cus to the top por­tion of the wall with vi­brant colour while down­play­ing the fix­ture area by us­ing a fin­ish or colour that will min­i­mize the dated fix­tures.

On the other hand, if you’ve just spent a for­tune on new fix­tures and want to show­case them, you can use a con­trast­ing wall fin­ish be­hind the fix­tures to ac­com­plish this.

The two wall spa­ces can be treated in many unique ways. This is an­other great fea­ture of di­vid­ing the wall space. You can choose from an as­sort­ment of great fin­ishes to make one stun­ning space. My bath­room wall space is di­vided with the bot­tom half be­ing white-painted hor­i­zon­tal wood planks (cot­tage style) while the top half has been treated with ev­ery­thing from paint to wall­pa­per over the years. You can choose to treat ei­ther por­tion of the wall with tile, wain­scot­ing, a tex­tured wall fin­ish, mir­rors, pan­elling, wall­pa­per and/or paint. Bud­get friendly By break­ing up the sur­face to be treated you may be able fi­nally pur­chase high-end fin­ishes be­cause you’ll need less of them to com­plete your project. Of­ten times you may find a deal on, say, a gal­lon of mis-tinted paint or a few rolls of clear­ance wall­pa­per that nor­mally wouldn’t be enough to com­plete an en­tire room. By split­ting the wall sur­face you can take ad­van­tage of those bar­gains.

I’ve changed the top por­tion of my bath­room walls over the years for less than $20 us­ing clear­ance wall­pa­per and paint. The fact that you’re treat­ing a small por­tion of the wall makes it easy to change the space with­out a huge in­vest­ment in time or money as well. Other ways to cre­ate drama You can break up the wall space in more ways than just top and bot­tom. Use dec­o­ra­tive wood trim to cre­ate faux wall pan­els. Ba­si­cally, you’re cre­at­ing a se­ries of empty pic­ture frames and at­tach­ing them to the wall in a vis­ually pleas­ing man­ner.

This is a nice treat­ment for a bed­room or din­ing room as it cre­ates a sense of el­e­gance. The pan­els can be made into what­ever size and shape you de­sire, which leaves room for your own cre­ativ­ity.

Once ap­plied, you can fin­ish them in nu­mer­ous ways. Paint the pan­els the same colour as the walls for a sub­tle look. Paint them in a con­trast­ing colour to make them more of a fea­ture. Cre­ate dec­o­ra­tive in­serts us­ing a co-or­di­nat­ing paint colour, fab­ric or wall­pa­per. In a din­ing room you could dis­play your vin­tage plate col­lec­tion by hang­ing one dec­o­ra­tive plate in the mid­dle of each panel. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are many.

Use paint to cre­ate geo­met­ric splashes of colour. A wide band of vi­brant colour around the room can be used to high­light a gallery of pho­tos or art­work, for in­stance. A wide ver­ti­cal stripe of colour be­hind the bed can cre­ate a vis­ual drama and a fo­cal point to the room.

In older homes with 10-foot ceil­ings, a one-foot band of colour around the room at the top of the wall will add tons of per­son­al­ity to a kitchen, din­ing room or bed­room. I used this treat­ment in my kitchen and love it. You may even have enough leftover paint on hand right now that could be used to make a sim­ple but dra­matic change.

Walls are a great can­vas on which many in­ter­est­ing treat­ments can be used. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a lit­tle. A small change can make a big dif­fer­ence.

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