Su­per spud­li­cious tips:

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1. Use boiled potato wa­ter to kill weeds or to make yummy tast­ing gravy.

2. Af­ter you empty the wa­ter out from boiled pota­toes, place the saucepan over low heat back onto the stove and shake them a few times. This pre­vents pota­toes from stick­ing and keeps them fluffy

3. In­stead of boil­ing pota­toes for just one meal, boil ad­di­tional pota­toes with their jack­ets on. Once cooked, store them in the fridge. Next time you de­cide to make potato casse­role, potato soup or potato salad, preper­a­tion is a cinch.

QUES­TION: I need a sug­ges­tion for a pain­less way to re­move bandages. My eight-year-old screams ev­ery time I be­gin to pull the ban­dage off. — Vanessa, Win­nipeg

AN­SWER: Dip a cot­ton ball or cot­ton swab in olive oil or baby oil and rub it against the ban­dage. This will al­low the ban­dage to fall off. An­other op­tion is to re­move the ban­dage af­ter your child has taken a warm bath; wa­ter and warmth helps loosen the glue that holds bandages onto skin.

QUES­TION: How can I pre­vent my ball­point ink pens from dry­ing out? It seems that they stop work­ing af­ter only three or four uses. — Mariam, Rus­sell, Man.

AN­SWER: The ball­point pen has re­placed the foun­tain pen as the most pop­u­lar tool for ev­ery­day writ­ing, due to its re­li­a­bil­ity and con­ve­nience. When it comes to most things in life you of­ten

Choose pota­toes that are firm and free

of sprouts, green skin or spots.

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