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A bed­room such as this, which has un­usual fea­tures, poses more of a prob­lem. Beds take up tons of floor space and re­quire clear­ance for ease of move­ment, which lim­its op­tions for place­ment.

Nor­mally, the head of the bed would be placed against a wall but if the room has un­usual fea­tures that cut into the avail­able wall space you might find the chal­lenge daunt­ing.

In a bed­room such as this, con­sider plac­ing the bed in the cen­tre of the room and at an an­gle if pos­si­ble. Cre­ate drama with a canopy or net­ting draped from the ceil­ing. Con­sider low­er­ing the bed if pos­si­ble by plac­ing the mat­tress and box spring di­rectly on the floor (or on slim wooden slats to keep the air flow­ing be­neath). Low­er­ing the bed means it will take up less vis­ual space. If low win­dows were an ob­sta­cle be­fore, they may not be any longer as you’ll have re­moved the head­board so the bed may fit against a wall now where it wouldn’t be­fore.

An at­tic bed­room with slanted ceil­ings poses sim­i­lar dilem­mas. You may have to take the large mir­ror off of your dresser so the base will fit against the short wall un­der a slanted ceil­ing. We had to do this in our home but it wasn’t a huge deal. We sim­ply stored the mir­rors away and ev­ery­thing fit just fine. Again, this was a small com­pro­mise to keep the fur­ni­ture that we love.

If you’re deal­ing with a high­boy dresser or tall wardrobe, con­sider plac­ing them in the hall­way near the bed­room or in an­other room al­to­gether. You may have to re­move a tall head­board so the bed will fit against a short wall as well. Store it away for fu­ture use or mod­ify it if you can to fit your unique sit­u­a­tion. Con­sider re­mov­ing the legs from a wicker or wooden head­board so it will fit. Give it a fresh coat of paint to give it new life. If the head­board is part of the bed sup­port you’ll have to buy a bed rail to solve your dilemma. In this case you can sim­ply place the mod­i­fied head­board be­tween the bed and the wall even if it’s not at­tached to the ac­tual bed sup­port.

Un­usual spa­ces have great po­ten­tial. You just have to work with the quirks and com­pro­mise a lit­tle. Just like peo­ple, it takes a few unique char­ac­ters to make life in­ter­est­ing. Cher­ish your home whether atyp­i­cal or not.


De­sign­ers made a fo­cal point of the un­usual wall by plac­ing a red chair in front of it along with colour­ful art­work and tall reeds.

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