Lessons learned: stu­dents share their RAKS

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It all started back in Septem­ber when we got the idea of do­ing RAKS. RAKS mean Ran­dom Acts of Kind­ness. At Lux­ton School, ev­ery class is do­ing a giv­ing project. We are a grade 4/5 class and we try to be kind. To help us learn about kind­ness, we came up with the idea of record­ing RAKS. When­ever we see a class­mate do kind things or hear that a class­mate has been kind, we write it down un­der their name in our own RAK book. Here are some ex­am­ples: You asked me what was wrong. You let me play with you when I was sad. You helped me sharpen my pen­cil. You grabbed my sketch­book for me. You cheered me up. You gave me a piece of orange when I didn’t have a snack. You let me bor­row six pen­cils. You picked up my mitt when I dropped it. You gave me your sweater when I got wet out­side in the snow. When I was up­set, you gave me a hug. You wiped my hel­met (af­ter skat­ing). At home­work club, you picked up my home­work when I dropped it. You helped me carry my pa­trol things. You brought me my back­pack to my house when I was sick. You helped me up when I fell on con- crete. You held the door for me. You taught us about Man­i­toba Fun Facts — Ms. B! You gave an­other stu­dent your Word Work book to let her see a sen­tence.

We learned that Thurs­day is the hard­est day for kids to be kind at Lux­ton. Why? Maybe it’s be­cause kids are tired af­ter wak­ing up early four days in a row. Maybe it’s be­cause teach­ers are tired too by the time Thurs­day comes around. Maybe it’s be­cause kids are ex­cited for the week­end. We came up with the idea to record RAKS at re­cess to help re­mind all stu­dents to be kind. That’s why we talked about RAKS at our assem­bly. Then, Ms. Auty dis­cov­ered the “Ran­dom Acts of Kind­ness” page in the week­end edi­tion of the Win­nipeg Free Press, so we started read­ing the ar­ti­cles on Mon­day morn­ings. We wanted to share this with you so that you may be in­spired to “em­brace kind­ness.” RAKS spread kind­ness. We learned that mak­ing peo­ple happy is the right thing to do. One stu­dent said, “I now no­tice RAKS in my com­mu­nity; it’s some­thing I will do for the rest of my life.” On Mon­day, April 30, I was driv­ing north on St. Mary’s Road and no­ticed a cou­ple of girls at the pedes­trian cross­walk at Len­non Av­enue. I stopped and checked in my rear-view mir­ror. I no­ticed a mo­tor­cy­cle a short dis­tance back. I watched him and no­ticed he was not slow­ing down. I could not pro­ceed through the cross­walk so watched as my car was hit. I rolled down my win­dow and asked if he was OK and was able to move the bike. He said he could and I said we should go on the side street. I turned right and no­ticed he went left. I turned around and went to Brown­stone where he had gone. When I got there, I saw two won­der­ful men in their cars. I got out and found out Dar­ren had left to try and find the man on the mo­tor­cy­cle. Tim gave me his busi­ness card and said he’d seen the ac­ci­dent. Dar­ren came back and said he could not find him but was in the process of re­port­ing it to the po­lice. A big thank you to both Dar­ren and Tim for their help. There are peo­ple in Win­nipeg who re­ally care.

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