Snow job for an­gels

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I had to drive from Win­nipeg Beach to Win­nipeg for a doc­tor’s ap­point­ment. It was snow­ing and I turned off High­way 9 onto a sec­ondary road to get to High­way 8. The turn was a curved yield lane, but be­cause there was so much snow and no tire tracks, I could not see where the road was.

I did not re­al­ize that there was a deep me­dian hole filled with hard icy snow that had been pre­vi­ously dumped and now was cov­ered in fresh snow. I sank into the hole fill­ing the en­tire un­der­side of my car with large blocks of hard snow. With no one in sight and no cell­phone, I tried to dig my­self out.

Then a Stonewall garbage truck stopped to help and then two Al­ls­tar En­vi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices trucks stopped. Th­ese three gen­tle­men had to rock my car to break up the ice and then lie down and dig the snow out from un­der­neath. They fi­nally man­aged to get me back on the road.

Thank you so much Rick, Chuck and Ken. You are an­gels. (I hope I got your names right I tried to mem­o­rize them but was very stressed.)

(L-R) Hon. John Har­vard, Pa­tri­cia Bovey, Tim Sam­son (Pres­i­dent

Canada Ice­land Foun­da­tion), Shan­non Ste­fan­son, Grant Ste­fan­son (Pres­i­dent, Log­berg -Heim­skringla), Fjal­lkona Con­nie Mag­nus­son-Schim

nowski, Ing­var Karvel­son, Erika Macpher­son (Di­rec

tor, Nuna).

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