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AS a re­tail post of­fice em­ployee, I rarely see a ran­dom act of kind­ness per­formed be­fore my eyes. How­ever, the story I’m about to share is one of both kind­ness and an ex­am­ple of true hu­man de­cency.

A woman, whom we will call Sharon (al­though it’s not her real name), came in to mail an item to the U.S. and re­quested a ser­vice that would pro­vide her with a guar­an­teed de­liv­ery time and a track­ing num­ber. Af­ter some dis­cus­sion, we de­ter­mined that pri­or­ity world­wide ser­vice suited her needs. Now, be­cause fill­ing out the form for this can be a lengthy process, I asked that she step to the side to fill it out, and I would process the trans­ac­tion as soon as she was fin­ished.

The next cus­tomer, whom we will call Sara (also not her real name), was requesting a money trans­fer ser­vice, which can take about seven to 10 min­utes to com­plete. It was just as I was about to be­gin Sara’s money trans­fer that Sharon asked for my as­sis­tance in fill­ing out her form, as she ex­pressed that she had a dis­abil­ity that made writ­ing dif­fi­cult. I obliged, of course, and the fol­low­ing ges­ture re­newed my faith in the kind­ness of strangers.

Dur­ing the money trans­fer process, Sara asked how much Sharon’s par­cel cost to send with the ser­vice she re­quired. I told her it was $46, and she said, “I will pay cash for it. It is Pay It For­ward Fri­day.

I fin­ished Sara’s money trans­fer and be­gan pro­cess­ing Sharon’s pri­or­ity ser­vice when she asked, “What do I owe you?” I replied, “It’s taken care of.”

Sharon, very con­fused, said: “What do you mean ‘taken care of?’”

I replied, “Your ser­vice has been paid for. Here is your re­ceipt with the track­ing num­ber.”

At this time, Sara was leav­ing the store and just be­fore she reached the door, I pointed to her and told Sharon: “That lady paid for your par­cel.”

Sharon, nearly speech­less, said: “I didn’t even get to say thank you.”

I replied, “A thank you is not nec­es­sary. She only asked that you ‘pay it for­ward.’”

So for $46, a woman not only changed the for­tune of one per­son, but the at­ti­tude of ev­ery­one af­ter­ward who heard her story.

In hopes that Sara is read­ing this story, I just wanted her to know that her Ran­dom Act of Kind­ness will for­ever be re­mem­bered. Thank you.

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