Vam­pire Academy

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Star­ring Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry McGil­livray, Polo Park, St. Vi­tal PG 105 min­utes ½ out of five there’s a lot), the jokey tone here is much ap­pre­ci­ated, with ev­ery­one “a few cor­pus­cles shy of an artery” and the ac­tion as pre­dictable as “a por­cu­pine in a hot tub.” Deutch tends to rush her lines, but a leggy, sit­com-trained 18-year-old is what the role called for — the sort of girl who can make an “Ewww” face af­ter hand­ing the princess a tis­sue to wipe off blood from a “feeder,” a hu­man vam­pire fan who sub­mits to the oc­ca­sional neck-suck to keep the pale ones in the pink. Sexy, PG-sassy, flip and fun­nier than it has a right to be, writ­ten by Daniel Wa­ters ( Heathers) and di­rected by his brother Mark ( Mean Girls), Vam­pire Academy still feels slap­dash, per­haps un­der-bud­geted — sort of a hit-or-miss, lowrisk trial bal­loon to see if “Twi­light Fever” has in­deed, faded. We’ll know by sun­rise.


Above left, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Sarah Hy­land (L-R); above, Deutch on a stake­out.

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