Praise for plow guy

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I was the re­cip­i­ent of a ran­dom act of kind­ness from a snow plow op­er­a­tor. I have a small drive­way where I park my car, right off a fairly ma­jor feeder street. Through the last cou­ple of snow­falls, and be­cause of the ex­treme cold, I was not do­ing the best job of clean­ing this lit­tle drive­way. I said to my­self I would do it bet­ter “later.” I knew it was in­evitable — the dreaded would hap­pen, I just wasn’t sure when — the snow plows would come down the street and leave huge ridges of snow and ice blocks be­hind my car. And so it was at 6 a.m. one Mon­day when my alarm clock went off. I heard the plows loud and clear. I knew they were there. ‘Oh no! Not now, later.’ I am a lousy morn­ing per­son. Let me get to work, I will come home and shovel the aw­ful mess later. It’s so cold out this morn­ing. I looked out the sec­ond-storey win­dow as I was go­ing down­stairs and saw the snow plow right be­hind my car. I was stunned. He had his scoop upside down and was pur­posely drag­ging all the snow ac­cu­mu­la­tion from be­hind my car and tak­ing it away. Un­real. Thank you.

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