SO­LU­TIONS: Fix­ing stains and wob­bly locks

Winnipeg Free Press - Section G - - HOMES - REENA NERBAS

Q— I have four but­ter knives from the Amer­i­can Sil­ver­smiths Col­lec­tion, and they have stains on them I can’t re­move. They look like smudges. Can you help? Janet (Win­nipeg) AN­SWER — You may want to pur­chase the com­mer­cial clean­ing prod­uct rec­om­mended by the company. If not, com­bine two cups of whole milk and one ta­ble­spoon of cream of tar­tar. Soak for 30 mins. Rinse with wa­ter and pol­ish with white vine­gar. Or take a pan, line it with crum­pled alu­minum foil and add one tea­spoon of salt, one ta­ble­spoon of bak­ing soda, half a cup of white vine­gar and half a cup of hot wa­ter. Place the cut­lery onto the foil, mak­ing sure ev­ery part of the cut­lery touches the foil. Wait five mins, then re­move and pol­ish. QUES­TION — My door lock wob­bles, and although the door is locked, it feels un­sta­ble. How can I stop the lock from wob­bling? Adolf (Grun­thal) AN­SWER — Try to tighten the set screw just be­hind the han­dle. A lock is only as strong as the door it’s at­tached to. If your door is hol­low, con­sider in­stalling a solid or metal door. QUES­TION — Is it true brown eggs are health­ier than white eggs? I no­tice brown eggs cost more, so I want to know if they are worth spend­ing a bit more to be healthy. My­ron (Rosenort) AN­SWER — White eggs are just as healthy as brown eggs. The colour of the egg has noth­ing to do with health prop­er­ties. How­ever, if you pur­chase brown eggs one week and white the next, you will eas­ily be able to tell which were pur­chased first. This works great for peo­ple who have dif­fi­culty read­ing small print. Handy hints of the week: We have “Try on jeans day” in my house, and what­ever doesn’t go on eas­ily or fit com­fort­ably is do­nated to char­ity. That said, zip­pers can be sticky re­gard­less of the fit, so after nick­ing a sec­ond nail, I pulled out an old cro­chet nee­dle and voila, prob­lem solved. Char­lotte of Char­lotte’s Place (Win­nipeg) Never iron again. In­stead of iron­ing cloth­ing, wet them and throw them into the dryer. Take them out and put them on, wrin­kle-free. Hilde­gard (Mor­den) Pre­vent seat cush­ions from slid­ing for­ward by pin­ning a towel to the base un­der the cush­ion. This cre­ates a slipresis­tant sur­face. Tim (Rus­sell) Re­move tea stains from teeth by oc­ca­sion­ally brush­ing them with le­mon juice. Mona (Win­nipeg) I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them com­ing. Missed a col­umn? Can’t re­mem­ber a so­lu­tion? Need a speaker for an up­com­ing event? Check out

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