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even­tu­ally if it was meant to be. The out­come is usu­ally worth the wait. If not, the in­vest­ment is small so no big loss if you buy some­thing that you end up donat­ing back. Linda’s decor is ever evolv­ing and chang­ing, which keeps it fresh and in­ter­est­ing. Be­cause she doesn’t spend top dol­lar on her decor items, she can switch them out with­out re­gret to keep her decor up­dated. Some of the items Linda has col­lected over the years have been swapped for other items with her neigh­bours. I thought that this was a very clever way to get what you need with­out spend­ing a dime. The next time you’re look­ing for a spe­cific decor item, think about your fam­ily or friends who may just want to get rid of said item or trade it for some­thing you have that you can part with. They may be grate­ful to de-clut­ter their space and you may very well come home with a trea­sure. In sort­ing through 30 years of ‘stuff’, my hus­band and I ended up donat­ing quite a few boxes of things to var­i­ous thrift stores in the city. It felt good to give back and most of the items we do­nated were pur­chased at thrift stores and yard sales to be­gin with. Now th­ese trea­sures are wait­ing to be found by another clever shop­per. Dec­o­rat­ing is, and should be, an ever-evolv­ing prospect. A great item may find its way to you and another item has to go to make room. If you were buy­ing new, this would not be an af­ford­able en­deav­our so your decor would stay stag­nant for years. This is how a decor be­comes dated. If you’ve spent hun­dreds of dol­lars on a set of lamps, you’re prob­a­bly go­ing to keep them far past their ex­pi­ra­tion date.

If, how­ever, you’re like Linda, you’ll find a great lamp at an af­ford­able price that you can part with down the road with­out hes­i­ta­tion as styles and needs change. Thanks to Linda for shar­ing her story. As her neigh­bours would say, ‘you’re liv­ing large’, to which Linda says with a sat­is­fied grin, ‘yes, I am.’

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