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Q— I am hav­ing a party and would like to make a hot drink in my slow cooker for guests to sip on dur­ing the evening. Any ideas? Ketry (Selkirk) AN­SWER — Here are two de­li­cious hot drinks to choose from. Op­tion 1, Creamy hot choco­late: In a slow cooker com­bine 1½ cups whip­ping cream, one (14-ounce) can sweet­ened con­densed milk, five cups milk, two cups choco­late chips and one tsp. vanilla. Stir and cook on low. Stir again be­fore serv­ing. Dis­play some gar­nish choices nearby; whipped cream, mini-marsh­mal­lows, mini-M & Ms, candy cane bits, mini­choco­late chips or peanuts. Op­tion 2, was­sail: Be­fore company ar­rives fill a slow cooker with a Bri­tish drink known as was­sail. Let the aroma of Christ­mas fill the air all evening while guests help them­selves to a de­li­cious cup of this hot drink. Com­bine one quart (1 L) ap­ple cider, four cin­na­mon sticks, one whole nut­meg, half cup (125 mL) honey, quar­ter cup (60 mL) le­mon juice. Sim­mer the was­sail on the stove or in a slow cooker and en­cour­age guests to help them­selves. QUES­TION — I used my su­per­snake to clear a toi­let jam. But I failed to no­tice the steel, grooved sur­face of this rarely used tool had rusted dur­ing stor­age in my garage. It left rust grooves em­bed­ded in a cou­ple of con­tact spots in the porce­lain of bowl when I was twist­ing it through the drain open­ing. Any sug­ges­tions for both fix­ing marks in toi­let, and clean­ing and stor­ing my toi­let snake? I al­ways ap­pre­ci­ate your handy dandy so­lu­tions! Re­gards, Sue. Win­nipeg AN­SWER — To re­move rust stains in a toi­let, pur­chase a pumice stone and lu­bri­cate it with ei­ther cheap sham­poo or dish soap. Wet the stone and gen­tly wipe the toi­let rim to re­move rust marks. Or pur­chase a prod­uct called, Iron Out. Add half cup Iron Out to the bowl and half cup to the tank. Scrub with a toi­let brush or leave overnight, scrub and flush. At the same time, soak the toi­let snake in the toi­let and after the rust has dis­ap­peared, spray the end with WD-40. QUES­TION — I am try­ing to make my very own laun­dry de­ter­gent. I need your help to cre­ate a re­ally good com­bi­na­tion of in­gre­di­ents. Thanks. Jessica (Do­main, Man.) AN­SWER — Into a large bucket com­bine one cup bo­rax, one cup wash­ing soda and one bar grated Ivory or Fels Naptha soap. Mix to­gether in a food pro­ces­sor. Use two tbsp. per load. QUES­TION — Can you tell me how to re­move an oil stain from my leather loveseat? Thanks. Oril­lia (Selkirk) AN­SWER — Start with corn­starch and gen­tly rub it into the stain. Then cover with a soft cloth and iron the cloth with a warm iron, not hot. The cloth will ab­sorb the oil. at room tem­per­a­ture. Sub­mit­ted by: Hai­ley Candy cane sugar body scrub: You will need two plas­tic bowls for this project. Into each bowl stir to­gether half cup white sugar and one quar­ter cup olive oil, and 10 drops of ei­ther pep­per­mint ex­tract or pep­per­mint oil. Add five drops red food colour­ing to one of the bowls. Stir. Layer jar with white con­tents fol­lowed by red con­tents and re­peat un­til no in­gre­di­ents re­mains. Se­cure with lid; add a la­bel, a small stain­less steel scoop, rib­bon and a candy cane. Keep for your­self or share. Sub­mit­ted by: Diane I en­joy your ques­tions and tips; keep them com­ing. Missed a col­umn? Can’t re­mem­ber a so­lu­tion? Need a cor­po­rate pre­sen­ter on the topic: Har­ness the Power of Words? Check out my web­site

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