Wax works to un­stick stub­born desk draw­ers

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QWe bought a home­made wooden writ­ing desk. The draw­ers don’t slide eas­ily. What can we use to pol­ish the slides? Linda (Stein­bach, Man.) AN­SWER: Your best bet is to rub the wood with some type of wax, ei­ther paraf­fin or car­nauba. Use a can­dle if noth­ing else is avail­able. Rub­bing the wood with a bar of soap also works, but not as well. If the draw­ers still don’t slide, sand the wood and then ap­ply wax. Worst-case sce­nario, ad­here plas­tic strips un­der the draw­ers. QUES­TION: Love read­ing your col­umn ev­ery week. Some of the tips I al­ready use, oth­ers are new. I am about to do some re­dec­o­rat­ing. It in­volves re­mov­ing ev­ery item from each room, one room at a time. There are oak floors through­out the house, prob­a­bly 60 years old. How can I clean them? I was hop­ing to use a pro­fes­sional ser­vice. How­ever, they can no longer ob­tain the prod­uct they were us­ing to clean floors. I need some­thing that will do a good job but not break ei­ther my back or the bank! Thanks, Frances (Do­min­ion City, Man.) AN­SWER: There are many prod­ucts on the mar­ket de­signed specif­i­cally for clean­ing waxed and un-waxed hard­wood floors. Ei­ther way, your in­ten­tion is to clean the wood fin­ish and not the wood it­self. To de­ter­mine if the floors are waxed, drop a small amount of wa­ter onto the boards. If a no­tice­able spot re­mains, the floor is likely waxed. If that is the case, check out clean­ers for old waxed hard­wood floor such as Ren­o­va­tor by Dura Seal (you may need to pur­chase this on­line). There are many other op­tions in stores. If your floor has a var­nish fin­ish, pur­chase polyurethane cleaner and then polyurethane sealer. If you pre­fer not to buy cleaner, you can clean the floor us­ing a very small amount of wa­ter com­bined with equal parts white or ap­ple cider vine­gar. Clean with a mi­crofi­bre mop and dry as you clean. Some peo­ple pre­fer to add a few drops of Murphy’s Oil Soap to the wa­ter to give the floor added lus­ter. Hats off to th­ese tips of the week Wash that filthy base­ball cap on the top rack of the dish­washer. Run the dish­washer with­out us­ing de­ter­gent. When the hat is clean, place it on an in­flated bal­loon to dry.

Wear your base­ball cap in the shower. Wash with sham­poo and rinse with wa­ter. Wear un­til dry to keep it per­fectly shaped. I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them com­ing. Missed a col­umn? Can’t re­mem­ber a so­lu­tion? Need a cor­po­rate pre­sen­ter on the topic: Har­ness the Power of Words? Check out my web­site,


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