What to do when leather fur­ni­ture fades

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QUES­TION: We have four light tan leather chairs and the sun has yel­lowed parts of them that were not shaded by a ta­ble. What can we do to re­store them so they look uni­form? George, Win­nipeg AN­SWER: Dis­coloura­tion is most preva­lent on dark colours. Leather-re­pair kits are avail­able on­line or in stores, although match­ing the colour is dif­fi­cult and can of­ten ac­cent the area in­stead of hid­ing it. Leather re­colour­ing balm is a great op­tion be­cause you don’t need an ex­act colour match. Rub balm onto the sur­face, the leather be­comes softer and all colours blend to­gether well. Leather pro­tec­tive prod­ucts help pre­vent this from oc­cur­ring. QUES­TION: I find your hints help­ful. I am es­pe­cially in­ter­ested in the de­tails on boil­ing per­o­gies as I am plan­ning to make a first-time batch with a friend’s help. Where can I buy net­ted gem pota­toes? My friend told me to buy that kind and I didn’t want to let her know I didn’t know what they were. Also, what size cut­ter should I use to cut the per­ogy dough? If I want to put ba­con in the pota­toes, do I cook it first? She also said she could teach me how to make hol­ubtsi and I would like to know how to pick the right kind of cab­bage? Are small ones bet­ter? Thanks for your help. Heidy, Win­nipeg AN­SWER: Net­ted gem is just another name for rus­set pota­toes. Roll dough so it is one-quar­ter inch thick and use a 3-inch round cut­ter to cut the dough. Cook the ba­con un­til crisp be­fore adding it to the dough; chop finely. Re­gard­ing Ukrainian stuffed cab­bage rolls known as hol­ubtsi or lit­tle pi­geons; use thin, loose green­leafed cab­bage. The size de­pends on how many cab­bage rolls you wish to make.

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