Rust-stained rug just needs a lit­tle scrub

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QI own a wool rug with a flo­ral pas­tel de­sign. The rug has rust stains from the feet of a metal cof­fee ta­ble. How do you sug­gest I clean this? Gail, Win­nipeg AN­SWER: Here are a few op­tions for you, Gail. Into a mix­ing bowl com­bine: 3 tbsp. dish soap, 2 tbsp. white vine­gar and half cup wa­ter. Beat un­til foamy. Us­ing a white cloth, wipe the rust stains with the foam. Cover the area with plas­tic wrap and place a heavy book on top. Leave for 12 hours, give it one more scrub and air-dry. Or scrub the rust with Head and Shoul­ders dan­druff sham­poo or shav­ing cream, and rinse with wa­ter. QUES­TION: What is the fastest way to peel a kiwi? Leon (Ash­ern) AN­SWER: Here are two great tricks for peel­ing a kiwi quickly. Slice a half-inch off of both ends of the kiwi. In­sert a ta­ble­spoon in­side the kiwi be­tween the flesh and the fruit. With the con­cave side fac­ing the peel, move the spoon around the kiwi to loosen the fruit. Let the kiwi drop out of its peel. An even faster op­tion is to slice the kiwi in half length­wise. Us­ing a glass cup, hold the bot­tom of the kiwi onto the edge of the cup (the fruit should be fac­ing in­ward). Push the fruit down­ward and use the edge of the cup to force the kiwi to slide off of its peel and into the glass. QUES­TION: I would like to make a static dryer ball. You call it a “wool” static ball. Does that mean you must use wool and not yarn? Faye (Win­nipeg) AN­SWERS: You can use ei­ther 100 per cent wool or wool yarn to make felted dryer balls. Th­ese are great be­cause they re­duce dry­ing time, soften clothes and re­duce static cling. Wrap wool or wool yarn tightly to make a ball, a lit­tle larger than a pool ball. Tuck the loose strand in­side the ball. Fill a sink with hot wa­ter and dish soap. Soak the ball in wa­ter and re­move. Cover the ball with a thin layer of your favourite laun­dry de­ter­gent. Wash the ball and rinse with wa­ter. Al­low the wool to dry. To add fragrance to dryer balls, add a few drops of your favourite es­sen­tial oils to the wool balls. Put five or more dryer balls in your dryer at the same time. An­other op­tion is to make sev­eral tight balls of wool. Place all of the balls in­side a pair of panty hose. Use rub­ber bands to se­cure and sep­a­rate each ball in place. Wash the ny­lons (which now look like a cater­pil­lar) in the wash­ing ma­chine and toss in the dryer, they are now felted. Sep­a­rate and use.

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