How to re­move rust from the toi­let bowl

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QThank you for your ad­vice re­gard­ing the re­moval of old wine from my vin­tage de­canter. The am­mo­nia soak worked per­fectly. Now, I would like to re­move some old stains from un­der the rim of a toi­let bowl. What is the best way to do this nasty task? Thanks. Val, Win­nipeg AN­SWER: To re­move rust stains in a toi­let, pur­chase a pumice stone and lu­bri­cate it with ei­ther cheap sham­poo or dish soap. Wet the stone and gen­tly wipe the toi­let rim to re­move rust marks. Or pur­chase a prod­uct called Iron Out. Add a half-cup of Iron Out to the bowl and a half-cup to the tank. Scrub with a toi­let brush or leave overnight, scrub and flush. QUES­TION: I was putting a patch on my grand­son’s win­ter gloves (wanted to ex­tend the life of them till spring). I was us­ing seam glue to wa­ter­proof the stitch­ing. Well, I dropped some on a pair of new leg­gings. I have tried WD-40, vine­gar and Dawn dish soap, but the stain is still there. Th­ese are very good leg­gings, so I would ap­pre­ci­ate any sug­ges­tions you can give me. I read your col­umn ev­ery Satur­day in the Free Press. Marie (Niverville) AN­SWER: Many types of glues are per­ma­nent, and re­moval may not be pos­si­ble. How­ever, be­fore giv­ing up, take an old rag and cover the stain. Put a fab­ric iron over the area to loosen the glue. Once soft­ened, pull off the glue. Or soak the area with amyl ac­etate (test on an in­con­spic­u­ous are first). Re­move the glue and scrub with dish soap and wa­ter be­fore laun­der­ing. QUES­TION: I never miss your col­umn. Our cof­fee maker has the odd melt­down, leav­ing cof­fee all over the counter. We now have a per­ma­nent stain on our lam­i­nate coun­ter­top. How do we get rid of it? Cathy (St. Rose, Man.) AN­SWER: Make a paste of bak­ing soda and wa­ter. Ap­ply the mix­ture and leave for 10 mins. Scrub with abra­sive (non-scratch­ing) pad. If the stain re­mains, scrub the area with a half tsp. dish soap and wa­ter. Next pour 1 tbsp. three per cent hy­dro­gen


Scrub a rusty toi­let with a pumice stone and dish soap to make it shine.

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