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peo­ple have had great re­sults with a prod­uct called Zout. Test ev­ery­thing on an in­con­spic­u­ous area first and blot with dish soap and wa­ter be­tween ap­pli­ca­tions.

How do you get per­ma­nent marker off of a din­ing room ta­ble with a glossy fin­ish? Brad, Win­nipeg

Gen­tly scrub with a com­bi­na­tion of bak­ing pow­der and dish soap, be­ing care­ful not to dam­age the fin­ish.

A long time ago, we used to be able to take torn used cloth­ing to places like Good Will and they would use them for cloths. Is there any­where one can do that now? I guess I grew up in the olden times, when we saved ev­ery­thing for patch­ing, but I am find­ing the pile of stuff is be­com­ing too much. Mar­garet

Yes, there are sev­eral or­ga­ni­za­tions that may take your cloth­ing such as: Sal­va­tion Army, Value Vil­lage, MCC Thrift Store, Women’s Shel­ters and some churches. I don’t know in which area you live but if you call or visit such places you are sure to find a thank­ful re­cip­i­ent.

A few months ago your col­umn fea­tured a sug­ges­tion for spread­able but­ter right from the fridge. How­ever I have for­got­ten if it is 1 cup of oil per pound or 1.5 cups per pound. Thanks. Elaine, Win­nipeg

Soften a pound of but­ter overnight in the large bowl of your mixer. The next day start blend­ing your but­ter un­til it is creamy. Into a large mea­sur­ing cup pour one and a half cups of your fa­vorite oil i.e. olive, veg­etable, canola etc. and slowly add the oil into the but­ter un­til you have a fairly liq­uid prod­uct (experiment to find the con­sis­tency you pre­fer.) If you wish you can add a lit­tle ad­di­tional salt. You will now have a fairly liq­uid prod­uct. Pour your “new” but­ter into in­di­vid­ual small con­tain­ers and store in the fridge. This prod­uct will har­den and re­main spread­able. Re: Peel­ing hard boiled eggs I’m amazed how many peo­ple have trou­ble peel­ing eggs. The se­cret is to squeeze the shell, thus loos­en­ing the mem­brane be­tween the egg and shell. The mem­brane then stays with the shell. In my opin­ion; eggs should be warm when peel­ing. Sub­mit­ted By: Kathy 1. Can’t find the war­ranty for your wash­ing ma­chine? Keep a three-ring binder di­vided by rooms, floors, or what­ever works. File all in­struc­tion books, paint chips paint quan­ti­ties, ap­pli­ance and tool re­ceipts and war­ranties, mea­sure­ments etc., and they’ll be easy to find. 2. Lots of bolted let­tuce: Don’t rel­e­gate it to the com­post. Wash and freeze it and then crush it down so it takes less space. Use dur­ing the win­ter as a spinach­sub­sti­tute in soups, stews etc. 3. Can’t find stuff in your chest freezer? Put all veg­gies in one 18 inch seal­able bag, meat in another, bread in another etc. Eas­ier to move large bags rather than mul­ti­ple small items. May need plas­tic clips to keep them closed - la­bel the clip with mask­ing tape.

Smart Tips sent in by: Rowena from Man­i­toba

I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them com­ing. Need a Pre­sen­ter on the topic: Ef­fec­tive Speak­ing or The

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