Spread peanut but­ter to re­move glue residue

Winnipeg Free Press - Section G - - HOMES - REENA NERBAS

QI have lam­i­nated floor­ing in my liv­ing room. I used dou­ble-sided tape to se­cure an area rug. Now I can­not re­move the tapes glue from the floor­ing. What can I use? Thanks. Dally, Win­nipeg An­swer: Use a hair dryer, WD-40 or peanut but­ter and make sure to test on an in­con­spic­u­ous area first. Ques­tion: Break­fast is my favourite meal of the day. Ev­ery day I cook my­self two egg whites and feed the egg yolks to the birds. Can you please tell me if egg whites are healthy? Mavis, Win­nipeg An­swer: Egg whites are awesome. The pro­tein found in an egg white is doc­u­mented as one of the purest forms of pro­tein known to man. Six egg whites de­liver 15 grams of pro­tein, only a trace of car­bo­hy­drates, no fat and no choles­terol. Ex­tra tip: When whisk­ing egg white, add a pinch of salt for fuller foam and be sure eggs sit at room tem­per­a­ture be­fore whip­ping. Ques­tion: I am a se­nior cit­i­zen who wears two hear­ing aids. The hear­ing aids are the be­hind-the-ear type and the parts in­sert­ing into the ear get un­sightly ear-wax stains. Could you help me with a rem­edy to clean th­ese ear cups, which will sep­a­rate from the hear­ing aid it­self? I have tried soak­ing them in three per cent hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide with­out suc­cess. Hans, Win­nipeg An­swer: Reg­u­lar main­te­nance of hear­ing aids is very im­por­tant, since dirty hear­ing aids are not only un­sightly, but can also cause feed­back and re­duce sound clar­ity. Since hear­ing-aid de­vices are very ex­pen­sive, it is best to have them reg­u­larly and pro­fes­sion­ally cleaned so you don’t risk dam­ag­ing the equip­ment. Some peo­ple have had suc­cess by soak­ing the ear cups in den­ture tablets and 35 per cent hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide; how­ever, in my opin­ion, this so­lu­tion is too risky, since your ques­tion per­tains to de­vices sit­ting in­side your body.

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