Cre­ative ways to dis­play your col­lec­tions

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CRE­AT­ING an eye-catch­ing dis­play takes a bit of plan­ning. If you’re a col­lec­tor, it’s even more im­por­tant to show­case your items in the best pos­si­ble way. There are stan­dard dis­play cab­i­nets made for such items but there are lots of other unique ways to make a state­ment. Plac­ing like items to­gether brings a sense of im­por­tance to the vi­gnette. If items are placed in­di­vid­u­ally around the house, they would be shrink­ing vi­o­lets and not re­ally no­tice­able — ta­ble clut­ter, ba­si­cally. But place them to­gether in a pleas­ing dis­play and sud­denly they be­come a visu­ally im­por­tant col­lec­tion. I used to have can­dle­hold­ers (vo­tives, tea lights etc.) all over the house. One day I de­cided to group them all to­gether on top of my old pi­ano and in­stantly I had a lovely col­lec­tion. When they were all lit, the vi­gnette was quite stun­ning. When they were placed in­di­vid­u­ally around the house, they were lost in the crowd. Think about what items you may have that are sim­i­lar that can make a stun­ning state­ment when grouped to­gether. You may have a col­lec­tion of quirky photo frames in dif­fer­ent colours, styles and shapes that, when grouped to­gether or hung on the wall, might make a stun­ning dis­play. Maybe you have a small col­lec­tion of vin­tage hand mir­rors that could be hung on the wall in­stead of hid­den in a drawer. Hats are an­other item that might make a great group­ing — cow­boy, straw, vin­tage or what­ever. Once you have at least three of an item, you’re on your way to an in­ter­est­ing col­lec­tion and dis­play. Peo­ple who col­lect books know how eas­ily the col­lec­tion can get out of hand. Look for new ways to in­cor­po­rate books into your decor by cre­at­ing in­ter­est­ing dis­plays. Place books un­der glass us­ing a cov­ered cake plate and dome. In­stall sturdy shelves over door­ways to house and dis­play books. Hang cube shelves of vary­ing sizes to dis­play books on the wall. This would be a good idea in a child’s room as well. An old wooden straight lad­der hung hor­i­zon­tally on the wall can be an in­ter­est­ing place to store books in a li­brary or den. By the same to­ken, an old wooden steplad­der can be used for ver­ti­cal dis­play for books or any other small items like CDs. If you pre­fer not to have to dust your books reg­u­larly then a glass-front bookcase or trunk can be help­ful and dec­o­ra­tive. You may re­mem­ber the “book shelf” I wrote about mak­ing last year from ac­tual books. This is an­other unique way to dis­play books or other items. When you have too much stuff on your table­tops and want to dis­play your col­lec­tion, you have to get cre­ative with your op­tions. Cor­ners of rooms are great places to tuck in a cor­ner shelf or ta­ble to show­case your col­lec­tion. If you have a wide stair­way, you might be able to dis­play items along one side of the stairs all the way up. Books are one item that I used this tech­nique for. Use your judg­ment as to the safety is­sues this might raise with chil­dren, el­derly or pets. As men­tioned above, shelves over the door­ways can be a great place to have small dis­plays. Just make sure they are sturdy and that the items on them aren’t go­ing to fall on your head. Look up when you’re run­ning out of room. In­stall a wrap­around shelf in a din­ing room or kitchen to dis­play trea­sured items. Use dec­o­ra­tive brack­ets to give the shelv­ing vis­ual weight and ar­chi­tec­tural in­ter­est. Items like an old wooden sawhorse or vin­tage wooden chair can be used to cre­ate a dis­play area. The sawhorse can be used to dis­play any table­top col­lec­tions and the chair can be used to dis­play a col­lec­tion of hats, books, dolls, vin­tage hand­bags or what­ever you think might work in this set­ting. Cre­ate ver­ti­cal in­ter­est by cre­at­ing a tower of items such as vin­tage tins, books or a stack of straw hats. That stack of old wooden, worn and chipped win­dows would make a stun­ning shabby chic wall dis­play in­side the home. Bracket them out from the wall a few inches and re­move the glass to cre­ate an open­ing to hold books or CDs. How stylish would it be to have an en­tire wall of old clocks in the en­try­way or stair­well or a col­lec­tion of vin­tage bird cages in a front porch or on the deck? Just about any­thing will work. Old fish­ing items, old tools, cook­ware, bake ware, dishes are all fair game. Give your cup­boards and clos­ets some breath­ing room by dis­play­ing your ev­ery­day items in an in­ter­est­ing and unique way.

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