Ben de Lisi

Winnipeg Free Press - Section H - - FYI -

... a fash­ion de­signer. The U.S.-born de Lisi, who works in Great Bri­tain, was one of sev­eral de­sign­ers who got 25,000 pounds to de­velop a prod­uct to im­prove pa­tient dig­nity. He surely won the thanks of hospi­tal pa­tients ev­ery­where with a gown that snaps down the sides, rather than flash­ing open at the rear when those use­less ties come un­done. Said de Lisi: “If you look good, you’ll feel good. “Pa­tients in hos­pi­tals are at their very low­est ebb, and you want them con­fi­dent and buoy­ant so they can ask doc­tors the ques­tions they need to ask.”

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