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Words be­fore a

dis­counted price TV net­work force Pickle juices Go-get­ter Home­town of old ra­dio’s Fib­ber McGee and Molly Noted par­ent in tabloids Not level Did sleight of hand with Food of­ten dipped in soy sauce Band whose 1998 song “One Week” was #1 for one week Ten­nis’s Ivani­se­vic Astrologer to the rich and fa­mous Soft­ens More furtive PC key Lab in­struc­tor? Re­duced amount? 1950s pinup queen ___ Page Spartan walk­way Bridge po­si­tion ___ generis “Af­ter you” Pear va­ri­ety Milky Way, for one Didn’t ac­cept, with “on” One way for driv­ers to turn

WUN­DER­BAR! BY EL­IZ­A­BETH C. GORSKI / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZ NASA re­cruit­ing site “Death of a Sales­man” In the past, once role “Give ___ rest!” Best Buy buy ___-ray Disc Wars, in an­cient Rome Gift from above Plan on or­der­ing a Shreve who wrote “The drink, say Pilot’s Wife” Loose One­time head of the Ac­tress Dolores of the Medel­lín drug car­tel silent era Mat­tel an­nounced their Brand ad­ver­tised with breakup in 2004 a cow Name in 2000 head­lines Mem­ber of an Set up as­sault­ing party Al­pha­bet trio Lev­el­ing tool Tap­ping site Blue boys? Big name in lens care Fer­vid Dernier ___ Choir sup­ports San­dler’s “Span­glish” Cur­rency re­placed by co-star the euro With good or­der Clas­sic west­ern slugfest It’s just be­low a B Re­ally use an op­por­tu­nity well CPR pro Slinky, e.g. Togo’s cap­i­tal Writer/philoso­pher Han­nah Gen­eral name on a menu? Three-stringed in­stru­ments Ro­man 1,002 Chil­dren’s song re­frain Rush­ing stat: Abbr. Pop­eye’s gal Juan’s one New Year’s Eve wear Egyp­tian god of the

uni­verse “Star Wars” guru Be­seeches Re­solved Suit­case con­ve­nience “Aunt ___ Cope Book” Mul­ti­col­ored Re­ally mean Giv­ing or­ders Pi­o­neer in quadra­phonic records “I love this!” Big Ap­ple neigh­bor­hood Gulf state Civil war lo­cale be­gin­ning in 1991 Made, as money Sharply rep­ri­manded

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