A kiss is just a kiss... or is it re­ally?

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APress front- page photo of two men kissing in­spired such a rush of com­menters, it was al­most front- page news in it­self.

“Why is it that pub­lic dis­plays of same- sex af­fec­tion still bother peo­ple?”

It does not bother me. I have no prob­lem with it. How would peo­ple re­act if two men were fight­ing in pub­lic? Would that be more ac­cept­able be­hav­iour?

What if it was two women dis­play­ing af­fec­tion in pub­lic? Would that me more ac­cept­able? If two peo­ple are happy, good on them, leave them alone, who is it re­ally hurt­ing?

— Robert4

Great news! About time ho­mo­pho­bia was stud­ied in depth, how­ever I am sure it will have a lot to do with right- wing Chris­tians... just say­ing...

— batfinkw

“Karen Blair plans to mea­sure how thoughts and feel­ings in­side the brain are sub­con­sciously ex­pressed by the body af­ter see­ing a same- sex pub­lic dis­play of af­fec­tion... ”

I sup­port same- sex mar­riage and have both gay friends and a gay brother, so don’t call me a ho­mo­phobe. But am I the only one to see some­thing Or­wellian in this pro­ject? Peo­ple aren’t free in a demo­cratic so­ci­ety to ex­pe­ri­ence their own emo­tions, since, ac­cord­ing to Blair, they must be prej­u­diced if they are un­com­fort­able with pub­lic dis­plays of same- sex af­fec­tion? Bet­ter “in­ter­ven­tions?” We don’t live in North Korea.

— Ja­cob Slipetz

I don’t get an­gry when I see two guys kiss, but it does make me feel un­com­fort­able. PDAs be­tween guys does make me turn away. I have a few gay friends and we have a good time at so­cial func­tions. I just don’t want to watch them ex­change tongues. But to be hon­est, if it’s two good- look­ing girls, then I don’t mind it as much.

— Luck­yBucky

I think part of the rea­son peo­ple have more trou­ble with male- male PDAs is sim­ply that women tend to hug fe­male friends and fam­ily as a reg­u­lar thing, while men usu­ally shake hands or punch each other in the shoul­der, and even if they do hug, it’s brief, one- armed and with faces turned away. Fe­male af­fec­tion has al­ways been more vis­i­ble, un­til re­cently, so it doesn’t seem as out of place when it hap­pens. It’s kind of dumb, but that age- old “men are strong and silent thing” is still colour­ing things.

— Southend

I have a gay cousin who is just not a nice guy all around, but I don’t hold “gay” against him. An­other one had the sex- change op­er­a­tion. Su­per nice guy/ gal!! As for the pic, I find it very un­com­fort­able, prob­a­bly be­cause it’s un­com­mon. And please, not in a restau­rant! And the same could ap­ply to a male/ fe­male cou­ple. “Get a room al­ready!”

— Se­nior Lady

I’m not a big fan of pub­lic dis­plays by any­body, straight or gay. How­ever, too many peo­ple are of­fended/ dis­gusted/ out­raged by too many things that have no di­rect im­pact on their lives.

— Rod­ney 2

Yes, I find this pic­ture un­com­fort­able. Why? Be­cause I per­son­ally don’t iden­tify with kissing a man, and when I think of do­ing that I find it some­what re­pug­nant. If it were les­bians, I’d be OK with it, be­cause I can iden­tify with kissing a woman. I would imag­ine a het­ero­sex­ual woman would feel the same way about les­bians kissing as I do gay men.

I am not prej­u­diced against gays or les­bians, but that doesn’t mean I iden­tify with their ro­man­tic lean­ings. I think it’s OK to feel un­com­fort­able in some­one else’s shoes.

— nachrali­gre1

I think the sort of peo­ple who get an­gry about two guys kissing are pretty pa­thetic, and of­ten not what I would con­sider de­cent hu­man be­ings. It’s sad, re­ally, that peo­ple like that feel they have the right to de­stroy the peace and hap­pi­ness of the rest of us to sat­isfy their own ir­ra­tional fears.

It’s also sad how they slan­der re­li­gion by falsely hid­ing be­hind faith to jus­tify their in­se­cure need to hurt oth­ers. They may be ly­ing to them­selves, but they are cer­tainly ly­ing to us. God chooses to make peo­ple gay; deny­ing LGBT peo­ple full hu­man­ity is skat­ing per­ilously close to blas­phemy.

— char­lene1

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