Read­ers tee off on MPI ‘hir­ing spree’

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READ­ERS had plenty to say about our story about Man­i­toba Pub­lic In­sur­ance’s “shuf­fling of portfolios” among ex­ist­ing vi­cepres­i­dents. Tory MPI critic Kelvin Go­ertzen said ask­ing for a rate in­crease while go­ing on a hir­ing spree shows “chutz­pah” on the part of the pub­lic au­to­mo­bile in­surer, but not all read­ers dis­agreed. Not at all sur­pris­ing from a govern­ment mo­nop­oly.

— Ceedger OMG they hired three ex­ec­u­tives! Such a spend­ing spree!

— Cit­i­zen#101 When you op­er­ate un­der a shroud of se­crecy and even your share­hold­ers are not in­formed of what is hap­pen­ing in­side, your de­ci­sions will al­ways be sus­pect, par­tic­u­larly when the only way we find things out is through the Free­dom of In­for­ma­tion Act. Even when good de­ci­sions are made they will be chal­lenged, as we re­ally do not trust the NDP or any of their sub­sidiaries (MPI, Hy­dro) to act in our best in­ter­est.

— LWoodie Talk about a non-ar­ti­cle! The pres­i­dent re­tires, there’s a shuf­fle of ex­ec­u­tives and there is one re­sult­ing open­ing at the ex­ec­u­tive level. Where’s the story? This is ridicu­lous. Are they sup­posed to leave those po­si­tions un­ful­filled? Go­ertzen was told that and then says the shuf­fling was ill-timed. What a goof!

— par­nell MPI ap­pears to be top-heavy with its man­age­ment struc­ture, and with the PUB openly crit­i­cal of the way MPI spends money, why are there posters here de­fend­ing what ap­pears to be yet an­other waste­ful ex­pen­di­ture by this provin­cial cor­po­ra­tion? It is well- known the NDP di­rectly in­flu­ence if not out­right con­trol MPI and that the NDP are very poor money man­agers. And the par­ti­san lem­mings just keep on de­fend­ing their masters’ in­com­pe­tency.

— F8LXR09 I don’t know what all the com­plain­ing is about. Over the last eight years my Au­topac in­sur­ance costs have gone down, while my house in­sur­ance has gone up 153 per cent, or by 1 1/ 2 times. We should be com­plain­ing about our house in­sur­ance and not our car in­sur­ance. May I add I have had sev­eral car-in­sur­ance claims in the last eight years, but I have never had a claim on my house in­sur­ance.

— 23702312 Hir­ing ex­ec­u­tives does not get the work done. Hir­ing work­ers does. Hir­ing work­ers is em­ploy­ment cre­ation. Hir­ing ex­ec­u­tives is en­rich­ing one or two people when they could have pro­vided jobs for at least eight or 10 people. This is crap and needs to end.

— CNu2 My ques­tion is, if we have a mild or nor­mal win­ter, will the rates go down or will the com­rades on Broad­way just give it to the unions?

— bunny391

Can you say “pri­vate in­sur­ance?” Must be do­ing some­thing right though, if MPI has among the low­est auto-in­sur­ance rates in Canada. Com­pare that with pri­vate in­sur­ers, es­pe­cially when the lat­ter takes in pre­mi­ums but de­nies or fights ben­e­fits. I’ll take MPI over pri­vate in­sur­ance any day.

— Adaman­tEthos MPI down­sized two years ago and have had a hir­ing freeze ever since. Ex­cept, of course, if you’re in the ex­ec­u­tive cat­e­gory, it seems. They let my son go two years ago, but he was just front-line staff work­ing on cat­a­strophic in­juries files. You can wait, can’t you? The ex­ecs have to get theirs first, you know.

— 23698967 I‘d rather hear more about over­all hir­ings, both within MPI, other crown cor­po­ra­tions and within the over­all bu­reau­cracy. I’d also like to hear about how those jobs are bench­marked. Those would be more re­veal­ing. — anonymi­ty_ per­son­i­fied

— shel­by­mav

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