Ca­reer con­cerns drove Rad­cliffe to al­co­hol abuse


DANIEL Rad­cliffe, dry since 2010, says he was a heavy drinker be­cause of ca­reer wor­ries: Would he al­ways be just Harry Pot­ter?

The prob­lem, he told the Daily Mir­ror, “…is a pres­sure of liv­ing with the thought, ‘Oh, what if all these people are say­ing I am not go­ing to have a ca­reer? What if they are all go­ing to be right and will be laugh­ing, and I will be con­signed to a bunch of where-are-they-now lists?’ ”

Rad­cliffe, 24, is pretty much be­yond that anx­i­ety now, you’d think, af­ter do­ing sev­eral movies and a lot of Broad­way work. “People don’t shout ‘Harry Pot­ter’ at me now,” he told the Mir­ror. “They tend to know my name, which is lovely.”

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