Read­ers re­joice af­ter Katz de­ci­sion

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MANY read­ers were thrilled when Mayor Sam Katz an­nounced he won’t be seek­ing re­elec­tion, but oth­ers say his de­ci­sion leaves the field of can­di­dates lack­ing. Best news I have had in a long time. Ten years spent screw­ing up the city; it is about time he is gone.

— Al­most_In­formed Now who will the loony left have to com­plain about?

— in­_the_burbs Won­der­ful news! I just moved into the city from ru­ral Man­i­toba — things can only get bet­ter.

— Jet­sRus Sam was never my choice, but he could have at least had a re­spectable legacy if he packed it in back in 2010. The most re­cent term was a to­tal dis­as­ter that caused a lot of people to lose re­spect for the guy.

— lol­lipop­sand­sun­shine I never could see the ben­e­fit of a mayor who spends time here only when he has to. Not ex­actly a ring­ing en­dorse­ment of Win­nipeg, is it?

— Just­Won­der­ing If there was an elec­tion to­mor­row... and the ex­ist­ing slate of can­di­dates was my range of op­tions, I would have voted for Sam Katz. A very weak field, and it just got weaker with the Katz de­ci­sion. There isn’t a real leader in the bunch. I truly un­der­stand Sam’s de­ci­sion. Who would want an­other term of abuse like I see rou­tinely in this com­ments sec­tion?

a new lead.

— 23649217 Now we get the NDP (Judy Wa­sy­ly­cia- Leis) in of­fice so the unions can have even more of their way with the city. The NDP will spend us fur­ther into debt while hold­ing taxes, and when we’ve had enough of them, we’ll elect a con­ser­va­tive to try to fig­ure out how to pay all of the NDP’s deficit- driven debt back — which will mean much higher taxes. Sam had his prob­lems, but wait for what is com­ing next with Judy.

— 23668767 Best doggone news I have heard in a very long time. Very long time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

— light­ning Fi­nally. On the other hand, I am tempted to feel like the cartoon char­ac­ter who dodges the rail­road train only to be splat­tered by the gi­ant boul­der from be­hind. I guess we’ll see if

(the movie) isn’t just re­cast with

— sec­tion22 Wow. The ha­tred is pal­pa­ble here. Per­haps some of it may be jus­ti­fied, but over­all, Sam Katz did a lot for this city, and his ac­com­plish­ments are many. Giv­ing him the ben­e­fit of the doubt, his de­ci­sion to al­low Sheegl into a po­si­tion of power was ex­tremely short- sighted... and is in fact the fa­tal er­ror that doomed any fur­ther as­pi­ra­tions. Hav­ing said that, let’s put blame where it is richly de­served, on the shoul­ders of the lat­ter, not so much on the mayor’s.

— 23619632 I ac­tu­ally feel sorry for who­ever wins the may­oral seat. They will have a mess to clean up. For the life of me, I have never un­der­stood why any­one would ever want to be a politi­cian. Sam, you made the right de­ci­sion. Your time has come to step down.

— em­cee51 Maybe he should take his cat-li­cence by­law with him and photo radar.

— 23694687 He’d sooner go out as an in­cum­bent mayor than lose to Brian Bow­man.

— Pete Panky Steeves get­ting Mayor Katz’s en­dorse­ment would be won­der­ful. That would guar­an­tee Steeves would fin­ish dead last.

— mr. spelchek Big shock. The only rea­son I thought he might run again was to buy him­self more time to shred all the documents.

— Gordo

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