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With Hur­ri­cane Har­vey hit­ting Hous­ton, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wanted Congress to pass an aid bill to sup­port the peo­ple of Texas. But when Hur­ri­cane Sandy de­stroyed the north­east, the se­na­tors from Texas voted “no” on aid for them.

The way I see it, it is wrong that Texas comes, hat in hand, ask­ing for aid after vot­ing to deny aid to oth­ers who are suf­fer­ing for a hur­ri­cane dis­as­ter. And if I were a sen­a­tor from the north­east I would tell Texas that they should get down on their hand and knees and beg for­give­ness be­fore I’d give them a dime of aid.

Yes, it is wrong to deny Amer­i­cans in Texas aid dur­ing a dis­as­ter. But it is also wrong for Texas to vote against aid for Amer­i­cans in New York and New Jersey, and Texas should have to at least con­fess their sins and ask the rest of Amer­ica for ab­so­lu­tion.


Gil­roy, Calif.

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